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The Bike Shop / Re: 22 inches
« on: February 17, 2015, 11:17:45 PM »
The S&M ATF 22" kit also looks great....,29/S-amp-M-22-ATF,1283976

Kit? That article doesn't have a working URL.

But I found the frame?

and if you check eBay, they have "kits" direct from S&M or their distributor with frame, fork, wheels, tubes, and tires ....
Can you link one? because I can't find it and I have a tax return coming up.

The Bike Shop / Re: Yakob/Merged article on tyre size
« on: February 17, 2015, 11:11:42 PM »
I thought this article was extremely poor. It doesn't really say anything other than "Here or some numbers we pulled off DansComp".
It asks "what even makes it a 22 inch wheel? What, for that matter, makes a 20 inch wheel a 20 inch wheel?!" and then doesn't even answer it.
Bunch of words
At work we deal with precision rubber cylinders about 5" diameter with a .0004" tolerance. We run into QC issues with them constantly, in some cases a part was measured in spec at 70 degrees, shipped over seas, then shipped back, and its now suddenly .010" out of spec at 70 degrees. These things aren't even inflated or anything, its just solid rubber.

The Bike Shop / Re: Quick question for machinists
« on: February 16, 2015, 01:06:41 AM »
You'd want to use the clearance hole size on that chart. 5.5mm is 7/32", I don't think 7.8 is anything common, but its close to 5/16". Where did you get those diameters from?

The Bike Shop / Re: Trail Bossin
« on: February 14, 2015, 12:45:04 PM »
You could run hydros down a steer no problem, my issue with them was that the stock magura lever just feels like garbage. My trials bike has these Echo levers on it and they feel awesome. I have been thinking about going hydro on the BMX again.

Although BMX bars might not be wide enough for that lever, on my trials bike there is about 2" of exposed handlebar between the brake clamp and grip.

I don't like running dual cables straight into the brake arms, I don't think the cable angle ends up right and you lose a lot of power. That little adapter is some thing SST made but only ever sold on completes, essentially turning a dual cable set up into a straddle and getting a better pull angle. Its also the same principle as the people that cross there dual cables over one another before going to the brake.

The Bike Shop / Re: Trail Bossin
« on: February 12, 2015, 11:09:23 PM »
i miss eggits old bikechecks, dope mods on there for sure. shame they're not on the current server or whatever.
Thanks man. Have some old pics.

Not much has changed on it since then. I got a new seat and some new bars. One of the springs on the front brake broke so its been replaced with a rubber band wrapped around the brake arm and the fork and it works pretty good. Those brakes use some wacky spring I can't find anywhere, and no one makes low profile canti's anymore. I've been wanting a pair of avid Tri Aligns for years, but they go for about $200 on ebay.

The only new thing I have done on the BMX that I was satisfied with has been fufanu to canadian nosepick, I need to try and get a clip of that. Other than that its just been failing to re-learn my old tricks. You guys might have inspired me to put together a shitty web edit though.
In lieu of BMX have some stupid trials clips.
If I remember right, prodigal son filmed that last one.

The Bike Shop / Re: Trail Bossin
« on: February 08, 2015, 10:05:57 AM »
Have you considered dabbling in flatland?
Yes, but I am not good at it. It took me a solid year to learn hang fives. A lot of flatland "crashes" are super hard on my knee too. Stomping something out or even having to run for a short period puts me in pain.

The Lounge / Re: What have you made?
« on: February 07, 2015, 10:59:04 PM »
I made a couple of headtube badges recently:

Now, someone let me know a good, consistent way to bend these to fit a 1 1/8" headtube.

The badge might spring back a bit, so you may need to use an inner tube with an ID slightly larger than 1-1/8", may take a bit of experimenting.

What am I looking at there? One pipe nested within a slightly larger pipe?

I suppose I could sandwich the whole thing between two boards with a bolt on either end to crank down on, right?

The Bike Shop / Re: Trail Bossin
« on: February 07, 2015, 10:29:27 PM »
A bit OT but Eggit have you done any mods to your bike recently or any recent riding photos to share?
Not really. I mentioned it on here, but I messed up my knee really bad a few years ago. I wasn't able to ride at all for 2 years, and now that I can its still pretty tough on it. I had a small crash on the trails one day and my knee swelled up really bad and I couldn't walk right for a week.
Its also a little bit depressing for me to ride, before the injury I was always at my happiness learning new things and pushing myself. Now I struggle to do the stuff that used to be easy and I am too scared to push myself.
I have been riding a lot of trials lately instead. Its a whole lot easier on my knee and I feel like the risk is smaller. I am also progressing at a huge rate so its really satisfying when you can feel yourself getting better every time you ride instead of being frustrated by not being able to do stuff you used to.

Getting old sucks.

The Bike Shop / Re: Trail Bossin
« on: February 01, 2015, 12:08:14 AM »
Private property, but an empty lot. Its had jumps on it for over a decade. One of those situations where the owner doesn't really care until he sells it.
Everyone in the area knows about them too, so its not a case of blowing up a secret spot or anything like that.

The Bike Shop / Re: Trail Bossin
« on: January 31, 2015, 11:11:27 PM »

Is he camping at the trails?
Our buddy brought his daughter out there and the tent was so she had a place ti sit in the shade.

The dudes were out again today. One of them was really psyched on seeing everything fixed up, but still a little tense about some of the things we changed. We invited them to ride the new stuff and they seemed to agree that it is flowing better now. Things seem to be working out now, we all agreed that we all want the same thing and more people digging is never a bad thing.

Here's some pics showing the state of things before and after.

The landing on the left and the jump before it is one we fixed up, the one on the right was there, but actually one of the more intact jumps.

Old lip.

New lip.

Old and new lips.

I can understand where they are coming from, but to us these things looked abandoned. They definitely weren't doing anything this year, and I don't think anyone was fixing them up last year either. Had any of them been going out there for the last 2 months we definitely would have offered to help. Things are a bit tense, but hopefully we can all work together to make these things awesome.
I also don't want to turn this into a 20" vs 26" thing, but most of the other guys ride 26" so I think part of it was that they didn't care about the jumps being as smooth as we do.

The Bike Shop / Trail Bossin
« on: January 31, 2015, 09:37:38 AM »
There are some jumps near where I live that have been around for nearly a decade, but they are always neglected. No one has touched them in 2 seasons and all the lips were crumbling apart, the lines were rutted out, and they really sucked. Only one of the lines even ran at all, and it ran really bad.

Mu buddy has been going out there nearly every day for 2 months and has fixed up everything, mostly by tearing it down and starting over.

The jumps are super nice now, and he has started work on some new lines. The other day 2 kids who worked on them 2 years ago started showing up and trying to trail boss him. They were talking shit about how he fucked them up and he has no right to dig out there when he didn't build them (those kids didn't actually build them originally either). The kids got pissed up and called their buddies to show up for back up. When their buddies showed up one of them says "wow, these really nice." and the dickwad was holding his finger of his mouth trying to get his buddy to shut up.

So who is in the right here? My buddy for taking of some neglected trails and making them good, or some little punk kids mad that someone is poaching the spot they neglected for 2 years.

The Bike Shop / Re: I hear you guys like big tyres
« on: December 20, 2014, 09:31:09 PM »
Throw some spikes in those tires and tell me you wouldn't take that to a snowboard park.

The Bike Shop / Re: Solid is done
« on: December 08, 2014, 06:01:22 PM »
Definitely agree with that, a lot of people don't know what goes into a frame. With an OTS frame you have jigs set up for all of your cuts and welds, and parts are made in large batches. You can set the machine up and crank out 50 rear ends without having to measure each and every one. The machine set up, measuring, and jigging, is where most of the labor comes in, so in a way you can make 50 OTS frames just as easily as you can make 1 custom.

Are you guys able to publish any of your testing results for the keychain? I'd love to see the tensile strength of both the hollow and solid pin versions compared to a KMC510h

I think the plan is to do some kind of stampy testing, both for straight tensile and impact. The problem is (as always) that the industry standard tests aren't a great reflection of real world riding. eg. nobody ever puts a new chain on, then pedals hard enough to apply over a ton of straight tensile load to the chain. But it is hard to come up with a good repeatable test so maybe we will revert to this.

I'm looking at it mostly for trials, so tensile strength would be a pretty good real world test. From what I have seen a lot fo people in trials community are interested by it, but are on the fence. Its hard to get away from what you know works, especially when your teeth are on the line.

Are you guys able to publish any of your testing results for the keychain? I'd love to see the tensile strength of both the hollow and solid pin versions compared to a KMC510h

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