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Sell and Swap / WTB/ISO Fly seatpost/ Profile gas pedals...
« on: January 02, 2018, 08:37:36 PM »
Looking for the og style fly post (the longer version)  in black... also looking for a pair of profile gas pedals... any color.

Sell and Swap / delete.
« on: June 27, 2017, 10:01:34 PM »

Sell and Swap / WTB: 31t sprocket. T1/Tree/etc
« on: June 26, 2017, 04:46:14 PM »
looking to buy a 31t sprocket.      Looking for one/any the following:   31t logans run, Tree 4130, Chase hawk odyssey,  etc.   open to spline or bolt.    Post em if you got em.

 Selling a solid condition 2013  21" T1 SFA.   A small (quarter size) dent on the dt, some minor damage on the cs and dropouts.   Drilled a hole through the seat tube for cable routing (doesn't effect strength)

Frame was media blasted at one point prior to being painted... is now raw with a solid patina.

comes with removable mounts, 19mm & 22mm mid bb

Asking $175 shipped in the USA.


The Lounge / Make Bikeguide Great Again...
« on: June 08, 2017, 06:25:02 PM »
Miss when this place was booming.  MAKE BIKEGUIDE GREAT AGAIN 2017

Bike Gallery / Custom Credence CCR
« on: June 08, 2017, 06:17:22 PM »

Sorry for the slightly burred photo... my phone lens is perma fogged

Frame: 21" Custom Credence CCR.  (bb 11.7, ht 74.5, smooth ht, custom serial # for the friends I grew up riding with, No Paint)
Fork: S&m Widemouth
Stem: 4th gen FBM Bottleneck
Headset:Fairdale "every pedal brings you closer"
Bars:  Merritt BF 1up
Grips: S&M Hoder
Lever: Odyssey trigger (left lever)
Cable: Odyssey SLS
BB: Profile Mid
Cranks 175 Profile Race w.  Ti spindle
Sprocket: 31t Mutiny penta spline drive
Chain: Ody Bluebird
Pedals: First Gen Atomlab Trail Pimp
Post: Fit
Seat:  ECCD recovered with brown Horween leather (suede side out) Almost black now from wear
Brake: Fly classics -  Avid Tridangle straddle hanger
Pads: Fly
F: Profile elite, gsport spokes, gsport Ribcage,  Ti volcano bolts
R: LHD Profile Elite- 9t Ti driver, Gsport spokes, Ribcage, Ti Volcano Bolts
Tires:  Merritt BF 2.35 (85-psi)

Have a few small parts on the way( lighter post, bar ends, etc)

Blue Valve die was my fathers who passed away a week or so ago...

Still searching for a 31t Terrible one Logans Run sprocket (  If you have one for sale... email me (

Bike rides like a dream.

Sell and Swap / WTB: 31t/ 33t T1 logans run sprocket
« on: May 14, 2017, 12:22:27 PM »
what it says... if you have one... shoot me a text. 215-519-5574

Sell and Swap / ISO/ WTB 21/ 21.25 Credence CCR frame.
« on: May 07, 2017, 07:47:05 PM »
Looking for a 21 or 21.25" Credence CCR frame.  color doesn't matter, year doesn't matter.  No dents.  Welded mounts.    Let me know what you've got. 

black 30t spline 19mm DRG Quadsaw.  installation wear/ marks from chain being too tight. ridden around block then taken off.   $40 shipped

Brand new Black 33t Tree 4130  19mm spline drive v1.  $25 shipped

lightly used Black tree 33t 4130 19mm spline drive sprocket.  20 shipped

Polished subrosa forever top load stem  with modified top cap... Top cap made into split top cap.  $35 shipped

Email  if interested and for photos...  rarely on here anymore.

Sell and Swap / WTB: OG Fly Brakes
« on: February 22, 2017, 06:41:43 PM »
Looking for a set of OG fly brakes with the angled arm... Color doesn't matter... Post em if you got em.

Sell and Swap / WTB: Fit railed seats ECCD etc.
« on: October 01, 2016, 06:19:07 PM »
Looking for a handful of old fit ECCD or slim seats... don't care about the cover condition so long as the padding is in good shape... photo and price please. Thanks!

Sell and Swap / WTB: PRE S&M CREDENCE FRAME 21"
« on: July 23, 2016, 12:03:37 AM »
Looking for a Pre S&M  Credence frame 21"  Back when it was just Clint making the frames.

Just got a near mint 2013 T1 SFA

I had a parts list all typed out but it didnt post right... and I can't be assed into doing it again. 

a lot of the parts are old... but freshly painted.

33-10.   Because I'm in the over 30 club and my old ass can't be hamster wheeling to spots.

I routed the cable through the seat tube because hanger slap makes me want to throw up.

Sell and Swap / Polished S&M Challenger for sale...
« on: March 27, 2016, 09:13:20 PM »
35 shipped in the usa.   stem is in solid shape with only surface marks and a mark from a top cap.  Will snap some photos tomorrow when its light out.   text  215-519-5574 for photos

Looking to Buy a profile 10t. driver

Have cash  and a solid condition Polished S&M Challenger stem to trade...    don't care what the driver is made of... Just looking for cheap or even trade.

Photos of stem for serious interest.

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