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As I am wrapping up college I am deciding I need a good stress reliever, so I have decided to start riding again. I am mainly looking for a frame first at a good discount price ($300 need not apply here), then I will work on collecting other parts. If you are leaving the scene or your current set-up and can offer a frame plus parts at a good price, lets talk some prices. On to frame requirements:

-Must be 21.25" (21.4" flys are bueno as well)
-Must have SS mounts and be gyro compatible (as in mounts and thread pitches will be intact, not stripped, and disclosed as such in a PayPal statement)
-I would prefer a frame under 6lbs, this shouldn't be a stretch now days
-The paint can be destroyed, I do not care, that is a simple fix
-Cracks, major dents, or any structural damage need not apply either

I am PayPal verified, a long-time member, and have a very long list of great transactions here on BikeGuide. Please let me know what you guys have! Thank you.

As stated I am trying to track down one of these frames.


Must be 21"+ top tube
Must have all mounts in tact
Must be in good condition

PayPal verified, long-standing Bikeguide member with selling and buying reputation

The Lounge / Help my friend stay here at school
« on: April 03, 2015, 10:36:50 AM »
It has been a very very long time since I've been back here to bikeguide, some of you may remember me, others may not have been members yet when I was here. I am a student at PennState, my friend Tanner lives at the university apartments. Every so often the apartments run a contest on social media giving away free rent for both semesters of the upcoming year. There is no one that deserves and could use the break of free rent than Tanner. All that I ask is that you go and retweet his tweet. Put bikeguide as the reason behind him catching a break he deserves.

Link to his tweet for retweet:

Again, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to share with your friends if you are feeling generous. Thank you.


Site Help and Rules / i cant save a pic in my signature
« on: October 16, 2007, 12:37:56 PM »
its under 20KB and its under 500x100, someone help

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