Author Topic: Bikeguide brothers I'm in Texas in quite the quandary and apprcte NE help avlble  (Read 902 times)

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Okay so I dropped 800$ on a brand new set up two months ago then jumped a greyhound from mpls to Dallas, biked from Dallas to try and get to Austin and when I was 20miles away from austin I got hit by some asshole road hog on a car going 45mph, knocked off bike, ran over, then dragged under said car for twenty feet until the rear tire successfully made it over my leg....needless to say I got two fines for having a Pinchie in my pocket and a belt buckle which resembled "knuckles" I don't have a working bike now and don't have any source of legal income available for another 93$ ebt cash benefits aren't capable of being withdrawn from any automated teller machines in Texas I guess and I'm just really trying to get another bike going with SOMEWHAT similar geometry suitable to the set up I had just invested in...if anyone can help try the link above or there's also my PayPal address at anyone who donates will be thanked with custom artwork/random items from my home back in Minnesota upon my return at the end of the shortly as the last nine times I've tried to post this with photos it froze

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What sort of parts do you need?

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what happened with the car driver?

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I gave ya' something, albeit late. Good luck dude.
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