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The Bike Shop / Eclat Tibia
« Last post by Waffles on May 13, 2024, 11:16:47 AM »
i had written a post about this and deleted it we're having some problems like with MUTINY of just lowlifes coming on the forum -- right away from "Powerbite v3" thread we had the dude pop up like BMXFU on our facebook (i'm Simon DWOL on there) and ahh we've been having alot of problems from the guys like Jeff K. or if anyone knows Sven in Berlin of Fabian of WTP / Eclat it's like Brad Simms from Merritt or Reef Stark always a problem always a hassel.

and coming home from Germany maybe you saw me mention this was after ANIMAL CUTS came out and ANTHEM 2 we had so many problems from POSH and CADDY or AUSTIN and it was always grief from them always a problem or annoying we left the USA

and ahh maybe you saw at one point I had written about the Eclat Overguard and a dude on here who bought some parts off me from a stolen frame it was t1 fork / bars I had the whole combo from my friend Buzz at RRB bikes in Lake Geneva he was asking "I wonder if anyone is goign to buy that now" and I said that I would but the frame got stolen by one of the Austin dudes named Andy Hundley anyone there would know him and I guess it's why person on here purchased my fork and bars -- Andy or Mike Luplow had stolen from me if you know him they're part of the group from Terrible One of Joe Rich and Taj in Austin maybe you've heard of Liquour bikes but always a problem over nothing we were never great at riding but the people from those realms always found their way in us making an image off of our website or posts on here (it's been 20 years and I have already gotten almost 4,000 posts from 2001-2007) but I had posted this once before and I deleted it maybe it was too much for the world but

The Eclat Tibia I'm having some problem with the cranks lately it's my 7th and 8th or 5th and 7th set of cranks in the last years we had 2x Primo Excel (stripped pedal boss from whip) and Animal (48 spline w/ aluminum bolt) and 2x Eclat Tibia (stripped axel and an arm pulled thru??) and now with the United Nash (i dont thnk it will be long) but

those Eclat Tibia are a strange crank it's really unique I think they have listed a replaceable spindle and I don't actually know how to do it I think you would need a vice maybe but they are not a 48 spline model with steel bolts like the WTP ROYAL or maybe Profile style I don't use Profile they were always such a hassel to me but looking

that's a really unique iitem from a company it felt like to me coming home from Germany 2013/14 on here with places like S&M doing the cymbal guards we had a signature part come out from our time there (maybe you know MARCUS WILKE from Berlin Bikes the dudes at WTP) I had put together a wheel with them it was my dream to buy a wheel while i was in Germany as a souvernir of my time there with them an German engineering it was a 48h hub to 36 rim and I thought that was the coolest thing I would almost only use it but -->

Those guards the Eclat SCERVO with Overguard to methat was a signature part as someone maybe back in 2001 you saw us posting "dropout protector" or "plastic peg" ideas people were laughing I was back in Metal Shop in High School wanting to make guards and I didn't understand about breaking spokes yet but to me that Eclat Overguard and SVERVO guards were a signature part to me

and we got alot of hassel for it from Mutiny with the "FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT" logo the shield like a pirate from Wisconsin/Chicago area he had a geometric tulip design he was famous with as a stained glass in our home town and ahh

Lookign at the cranks I said i didn't or we didn't like to mix the older groups from STANDARD COUNTRY living above WOODSTOCK,ILL in the USA it was hard to get away from some of the older BMX BOARD locals who would drink and squat in a poorer town we got into a car wreck almost with them it was extremely dangerous and my Dad Kevin working in Chicago asking "whats a skatepark" like he would go sit at WILSON when we were kids maybe you know Joe Battaglia or Tony C. from S&M/ COLONY but they were famous from there and ahh

The Eclat TIBIA crank this was a 2 piece with aluminum bolt and replaceable spindle (maybe aluminum?) the spindle strips and that's a strange item I think maybe you would need a vice and this was like a quest left out for me the same as the S&M cymbal I didn't fall too hard into it but from a guy I'd gotten a DUI with I picked up a set of these cranks and tryign to warranty them the shop had closed and no word from distributors I wrote myself a receipt and it was always a hassel from them like I just abandoned my Animal Akimbos w/ aluminum bolt it went out on a trip

ahhh asking it sounds like 48 spline w/ steel bolts maybe the Primo Superbite was a good pick but does anyone care to talk about these cranks or have an idea what was up these were such a strange item to me.
and don't make jokes or talk just do it!!!
The Bike Shop / can i get you guys to put the sprocket bolt going the other way
« Last post by Waffles on May 12, 2024, 08:28:46 AM »
i've seen this twice now maybe you remember we were talking about "the movement" from Mutiny and cleaner "no sprocket bolt" look we decided on it was too much of a hassle but now the finer threading I've seen twice that it just comes undone and you drive it into your frame like a knick.
is it possible to have the sprocket bolt like with a locknut going the other way, towards or away from the frame thru the crankarm with a locknut on the frame side so it cannot come undone and harm the frame?
The Bike Shop / Re: V3 powerbite
« Last post by Waffles on May 11, 2024, 12:43:52 PM »
it's funny like EVERY pair of cranks right now is better than the Primo Excels except they are 19mm wtf

for someone who does this professionally i am constantly taking off my crank arms actually 3 piece is maybe better than 2.5 it's I think also they have a different spindle design I think very rarely do I remove the spindle it's just 3 pieces and I take off both crank arms together.

I would even consider so you make money like a fixed pedal design haha and i will buy a replacement crankarm/pedal combo liek a boot.
The Lounge / Re: Cuba BMX
« Last post by Waffles on May 11, 2024, 12:39:31 PM »
you're goign to be looking for someone named EL LOCO or like an Ange'l
ahhh @ Habitation En La Playa +++
The Lounge / Cuba BMX
« Last post by Waffles on May 11, 2024, 12:38:40 PM »
Hey doods, maybe El Hefe or anyone else could know --
There's a group in Havana Cuba who ride I went a few years ago and am just now getting around to it but they could really use some parts.
Headset/BB frames everything they need bearings as well. It is so poor haha I can't get over it.
"without the HS/BB the frame is useless" so maybe if anyone could think of it take a holiday to Havana Cuba there's some nice places there for you to leave a bike a couple fun skateparks as well. USA.
it's about 30 minutes from Miami.

bring Cumin and Tumeric, assorted spices make great gifts.
Chili powder.
The Lounge / Re: Thought I would stop by, and say hello...
« Last post by EI on May 10, 2024, 09:50:35 PM »
The Bike Shop / Re: Bike Shop Tool List
« Last post by sokoloka on May 06, 2024, 05:03:32 AM »
Hey folks. Years ago I posted a tool list for when you are putting together a bike shop for yourself. I still have the text for it, and could report it if anyone is interested in the information.

Let's hear it!
The Lounge / Re: 15 Years on the forum
« Last post by upperechelon on April 05, 2024, 05:25:37 PM »
couldn't remember my login info. but goddamn. shit was crackin here back in the day. when Zeitgeist was released time period. 2007-2010. don't even know how to describe who I was but i'm glad to see some familiar names still around. I think my name was jr3volcom or smojo or some ish. I didn't really get to know anyone personally but I always appreciated being a part of a like minded community. i've learned so much and bmx will always be a part of me as it represented true freedom from a world I didn't really want to partake in. would be cool to see a thread about people's most interesting life experiences or wisdom they feel inclined to impart. i'm sure we've all been through some interesting times.
The Bike Shop / Bike Shop Tool List
« Last post by SeditiousCanary on April 02, 2024, 07:12:59 PM »
Hey folks. Years ago I posted a tool list for when you are putting together a bike shop for yourself. I still have the text for it, and could report it if anyone is interested in the information.
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