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The Bike Shop / Idea: BMX Tech Wiki
« on: November 14, 2009, 01:40:01 PM »
UPDATE: The BMX wiki is currently up at Please contribute what you can. Even just a photo, or other work to be edited, it all helps. We may move this to BG later on, but we'll have to see.
Contact info:
Some Links:
[Original Post]

One of the things I have always enjoyed about bikeguide is that we can get a good dialog going about some of the more in-depth parts (like helicoils, etc). At the same time, I see a lot of reoccurring topics. The stickies help, but if we were to cover all of the answered maintenance questions, that list would be far too long.

So, what if we started building a wiki with answers we come up with. Hopefully we could link to maintenance videos on Youtube (because, lets face it, people prefer watching videos to reading...) I am not sure if there are restrictions on the number of photos, but if we find a way around that, we could use it to keep an up-to-date listing of interesting parts (like freecoasters) without having to put pressure on one person to keep things up.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think. I don't have any experience with Wikis, so help is very much appreciated. I opened as a test. If you have a better host in mind, please start it, or suggest it.

Common Questions and former stickies. / Lube, Grease, and Whatnot
« on: December 21, 2006, 08:25:05 PM »
So, I just pulled my bike apart at work, and I ran out of some of my lubes, so I am deciding on what to get next. Here is what I use, post up your favorites and least favorites.


Park Tools T-1000  - Good assembly grese. Not all that smooth though. Feels like it adds quite a bit of lag to the parts.

Pedro's Velo  - Smooth, vinilla sented, and stays put. Good for most purposes. Can add some resistance to bearings though.

Phil Wood Waterproof - Long lasting, fairly smooth. And deffinitly prevents corrosion.

Rock 'n' Roll Super Web - Stays put. Forms a good bond. It feels a little more slugish on clutches and bearings though.

Pro Gold EPX Lithium - Very long lasting in bearings and makes the bearings last longer themselves. Makes them spin pretty fast. Doesnt work very well on other pieces.

Automotive Brake Bearing Grease  - Heavy, Smooth, and Sluggish. Basically all I can say to describe this.


Tri-flo (Teflon) - This is the favorite of many bike shops. It is easy to apply, but can get dirty and messy easily. The teflon does make it smooth though. Just watch your pants legs on chains.

Krylon (Krytox Wax) - Gunky. It works smooth and lasts long on chains and lube. But can be pretty difficult to apply correctly.

White Lightening (Wax) - Great for cables. Smooth, dries nicely. Some people complain of added drag because of the wax. This can be remidied by taking a little more time when applying. Can work in a few other applications as well.

White Lightening Epic (Silicone) - Smooth, fast, and silicone. It feels real nice on chains. Does not get them very dirty, can be friendlier to apply than it's wax counterpart.

Pedro's SynLube  - Fast, smooth. Doesn't really bond well to the metals though.

Pedro's Ice Wax  - Fast for wax based. Messy to apply, but it gets into the crevices and coats everything.  Wears down somewhat faster.

Phil Wood Tenasious Oil - Very Thick for oils. Stays put, is sticky, and smooth. But adds quite a bit of resistance.

Rock 'n' Roll Extreme - Fast for chains. Ok for cables, but not the best.

Rock 'n' Roll Gold - Faster than the extreme, but does not stay put as easily.

Rock 'n' Roll Cable Magic - On order right now, very excited to try.


Finish Line Ti Prep  - Great. Widely used, does the job wonderfully. It is copper based.

Misc Anti-sieze - Silver in color. It needs to be mixed first. Works well, Haven't had issues with seizing.

Metal Prep:

White Lightening Metal Prep - The best I have used. Desolves almost anything right away. Cleans metals amazingly. Works great on rims.

Finish Line Speed Degreaser - Works fast, but not as clean as the White Lightening.

Ok, This has taken a while to write, so Let's here from you all.

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