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Bike Gallery / T1 Barcode. Scerbo. Primo. My indian summer in BMX
« on: January 29, 2015, 05:53:17 PM »
So, after to almost bmx-less years (broken foot after a 180 included) I decided to give the little bike a second chance.

I've been involved in BMX for more than 10 years now, but never could do many tricks but always enjoyed a nice manual or just hauling around. That's what I'm planning to do again.

So what's a better motivation than a new bike?
Here's the partslist:
t1 barcode 20.6 frame sponsored by the one and only, bua
wtp helium forks
demolition stem
scerbo bars
wiz grips
twenty seatpost
animal seat
ody sprocket
khe chain
eclat pc pedals
Primo mix + primo rims
M7 frontwheel
khe tires (have to get a different reartire, this one's a bit too wide and rubs on the seatstays)

that's about it.
One of the best looking bikes I ever had, now I've just got to wait until the freezing winter is over.

_AUF7574_150129_aufreiter by georgauf, on Flickr

_AUF7573_150129_aufreiter by georgauf, on Flickr

_AUF7571_150129_aufreiter by georgauf, on Flickr

_AUF7570_150129_aufreiter by georgauf, on Flickr

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