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We have a new 21.125" Fit Hartbreaker frame in Gloss Clear that came in to the shop with very slight cosmetic damage. (Peeled seat tube sticker, small scratches around BB shell).

We ended up getting a pretty good deal on it, and have posted it up on eBay to pass on the savings to someone. Auction starts at $349 Canadian (about $263 US).

Figured this would be of interest to BikeGuide, as it is a very classic frame, welded brakemounts, no seat clamp, trailsy geo.... Someone should hop on this deal:

I have been getting a lot of international inquiries for Bluesix Titanium product, so I thought I would list what we still have in inventory, as I know this stuff is getting very rare. If anyone is interested in some of it, hit me up! Shipping is usually pretty affordable on this stuff as the packages are quite small.

All prices in $ USD.


- Bluesix Axle Nut 3/8 - $11.99
- Bluesix Brake Pad Nuts, Ti - Raw - $9.99
- Bluesix GDH Spindle Bolts (Profile) - Blue or Raw - $24.99
- Bluesix Hex Head Axle Bolt 3/8 & 16tpi (Profile) Raw - $16.99
- Bluesix Odyssey Spindle Bolts (Thunderbolt, Twombolt) - Blue, Gold or Raw - $24.99
- Bluesix Primo Spindle Bolts (Powerbite, Hollowbite) - Gold - $24.99
- Bluesix Bluesix Sprocket Bolt, 3/8 & 24tpi (Profile) - $6.99


- Bluesix Low Head Axle Bolt 3/8 & 16tpi, Steel (Profile) - $7.99
- Bluesix Low Head Axle Bolt 3/8 & 24tpi, Steel (Most Taiwan made front hubs) - $7.99

Contact me directly with your full address if interested in shipping rates. chris (at)

The Bike Shop / What bars on 24" S&M ATF Build?
« on: January 24, 2015, 04:26:29 PM »
Any of you guys out there build up a 24" S&M ATF or similar freestyle build?

Just wondering what size of bars you went with and how you like them.

We are building one up with a customer and went with a set of S&M Bruiser 6.5" rise bars, with a front load stem. They seem like a really good choice.

We also tried out a pair of S&M 8" Slam bars, and although they felt big, they weren't out of the question. Is any one out there running a bar around this size on 24"?

Hey Fellas -

Our shop is hiring a full time BMX mechanic in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It's a great job where you'll be a huge part of a BMX only shop and a major part of the BMX community.

If anyone on here is looking, or knows someone who might be interested, check out the posting on our website and hit me up directly with any questions.


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