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The Lounge / Making of Pipe Dream
« on: September 03, 2015, 05:10:56 AM » (parts 2 and 3 up there too)

Pretty awesome.


Obviously watch the Pipe Dream bit itself first if you haven't already seen it...

The Lounge / Apple's iCar or whatever..
« on: August 07, 2015, 02:43:06 PM »
So Apple has been hiring a shit load of automotive engineers and there is speculation about what they are doing... well I have a theory and I want to get it down early, so when I am proved right in 5 years time I will have some proof to my claim of "told you so"...

So, everyone hates public transport because it is full of psychos/muggers/stinky-mad-women/farters/leary-old-men/flashers etc.

The vast majority of people dont really give that much of a shit about cars. You can see this by simply looking at the vehicles on the road. Who the fuck buys a Juke or a Fiat500x or any of those other hideous things I see on the road all the time. They just want a comfy safe place to sit and use their phone, hopefully without getting caught or crashing.

So here is what Apple are going to do.

You (and I obviously dont mean you here, but all the millions of people living in the suburbs who drive to Malls and offices with parking) will buy a CarPod. This will be a very stylish little caravan type thing with your choice of seats that turn into beds and telly screens and curtains and all sorts of other customisable shit. It will have a modest battery kept topped up by a solar panel on the roof, that can power AC or heating and top up your phone or whatever.
This pod will have little extendable legs underneath to keep it up off the ground and will cost you just a few thousand dollars.

When you want to go somewhere, you will take out your iphone (or speak into your iwatch if anyone ever buys one) and say "Hey pod, I need to be at xxxxx by 5pm" (obviously you may already have booked this appointment in your calendar so no need to say anything).

Apple's software will work out when you need to leave based on traffic etc and tell you to get in your carpod sometime before the necessary departure time, and the AC or heating will already have got the inside a nice temperature for you. Meanwhile it will allocate a "trolley" which will be a big flat four wheel thing like a Tesla drivetrain and battery pack arranged as a big flat platform. This "trolley" will arrive at your carpod, roll underneath, tell the pod to retract its legs and the two will dock together securely like a shipping container on a truck.

The trolley will then whisk you off to your destination.

If your destination is a few miles away, then it will just drop your pod off in a car park and fuck off to charge itself or move someone else's pod. If your destination is half way across the country then it will take you as far as it can, at which point another trolley will be ready to take over.

You wont own a trolley, just pay for your miles. You will never have to think about fuel/charging, tyre wear, servicing, punctures, tax etc etc.

So imagine you live in the Suburbs of Chicago and need to go to Buffalo for a 9am meeting.

Instead of going to the airport the day before, flying there, going to a hotel, getting up early and then heading to the meeting, you just climb into your pod at bed-time the night before, lay back your seat and go to sleep. While you are asleep, a trolley comes and picks you up, and a series of trolleys takes you to Buffalo while you sleep. When your iphone wakes you up in the morning you are "parked" outside a hotel which through an agreement with Apple lets you use an empty room to have a shower and get dressed, you eat breakfast there and get back in your pod which takes you to the meeting.

So instead of being stuck on a plane with what can only be classed as "other cunts" you have a nice snooze in your own little pod that has your favourite snacks and comfy slippers etc..

Pods can also be sent to take children to school/hockey-practice/friend's-houses or to pick up shopping etc

This all obviously needs a few changes in the law (luckily Apple have a lot of lobbying power) like being able to sleep in a bed while travelling without needing a seatbelt (big airbags instead) and being allowed to park a "pod" in the street, but it's all pretty minor.

As battery and motor technology improves Apple can update the trolley to have a longer range etc, but this wont matter to you. Apple will make money for every mile you travel, and no doubt be able to offer new pods with better soundproofing, satellite internet, showers and toilets etc as demand dictates.

TLDR: Apple iCar will be like shipping containers for people. Will you buy one? (pretty sure I would)


The Lounge / Sheepdog still out there
« on: March 12, 2015, 09:37:41 AM »
Nice to see. Couldn't respond in that thread so making this.

Hope things are good with you, thanks for keeping this place alive...


The Bike Shop / Yakob/Merged article on tyre size
« on: February 17, 2015, 07:22:18 AM »
Surprised nobody has made a thread about this yet; shows how dead this place is still I guess. I dont really do Facebook so CBA to comment on the article directly so making this thread instead.

I was really pleased to see this on the Merged, it is a useful interesting article that people ought to be quite interested in. MTBers are going crazy with the wheel and tyre sizes these days (though not making the one I want to see which is 26+). And we are slightly going the same way.

However I would like to clarify a few things.

Tyre size IS almost entirely predictable. It isn't simple to state, but it does follow a logical predictable path. Shove the tyre on a given rim and it will place the beads in two known locations. Pump the tyre up and it will form the INSIDE of the tyre to a circle. Our rim size is based off a constant bead seat diameter and with a certain size tyre (1.95 as I remember) should give a 20" OD.
As rims get wider, the tyre settles down more into the rim so the tyre gets wider AND the OD of the wheel gets a little smaller (very little).
As rims get narrower, the tyre is lifted up out of the rim and the tyre forms a smaller circle and sits up higher making the OD larger (a very small amount).

As tyres get wider (on the same rim) they make a bigger circle which is both wider and higher (by about the same amount) so a genuinely 2.5" tyre would be 0.5" wider and 0.5" taller than a 2" wide one, so the wheel would jump from a 20" OD to a 21" OD.

At the pressures we run, a bigger tyre casing (of the same strength) will stretch a LOT more than a smaller one. On a 2" tyre at 90psi there will be about 15MPa of stress on the tyre casing, with a 2.5" tyre at the same pressure there will be nearly 19Mpa. 25% more stress gives approx 25% more strain and over a tyre that is 25% wider. So a 2.5" tyre will likely expand by 56% more than a 2" tyre due to pressure.

Unfortunately I dont know the details of the two 22" standards or what tyres are available, but it would be cool to make a little table if anyone has the info.


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