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The Bike Shop / another new freecoaster - planetary gear engagement
« on: August 05, 2019, 06:57:52 AM »

what does everyone think? pretty interesting concept although there're a few things im skeptical about

1. male axle in 2019?
2. if you pedal forward when in fakie, the internals can explode

anyway, super happy of some new innovation coming to market

The Lounge / last minute ticket to NYC, what do?
« on: May 08, 2018, 09:59:10 AM »
kinda want some non-NYC specific advice from you guys. i got wasted at home 6 hours ago and bought tickets to fly to NYC for 5 days, arriving in 48 hours time from this post. am staying at one of the marriotts in middle manhattan.

i will absolutely skip the main tourist spots i.e. times square and empire state building etc. so far i've got a few things on my radar like some hardcore steak restaurants/ seafood places etc, imma try to avoid asking my NYC colleagues since i just want this to be a quiet personal trip with the missus. anyone from there fancy a quick beer? or point me to some cool jazz bars/ blues lounges?

as for the other stuff, i really want to see what the US big chain stores are like - i've never been to a radio shack (do they still exist?), or a trader's joe (got one on my radar now). any other similar suggestions? like costco, walmart (its like an exotic human zoo, or so i hear) etc... throw me names of stores! i'll look them up. cheers lads and laddies!!

The Lounge / Standard Shaman Ox, 2004 era
« on: May 26, 2016, 09:25:13 AM »
this post is purely for nostalgia, bikes were so clunky and heavy back in the days! (Sorry for big pictures, no idea how to resize them. actually i do, i think. fuck you.)
EDIT: pictures resized because i'm cool like that

back in 2004/2005 in the hong kong summer. 33'c (that's around 92'f) with 98% (no joke) humidity. i used to go thru 4 litres of water, two full sized towels every 3 hour night session. now i get a heatstroke just looking at the picture.

RNC 30t full titanium sprocket, Gsport homer with ody 13t freewheel. primo comet tyres, original steelwire bead version. (i LOVED those)
Demolition nunchuck pegs (i think) - early era of plastic pegs with a metal sleeve. The ends of the peg crimp in like a motherfucker since i slam them into the ground a lot, making it impossible to put the huge ass-socket (21mm) in to turn the big fuckoff Gsport homer hub bolts. after a few times of filing the inner sleeve for socket clearance, i decided to just saw off the crimped bits whenever i needed socket access.
other parts seen: Gsport homer hub with 13t ody freewheel, 48s 4x interlaced under the 3rd (a la Gsport George) to araya RBJ1 rim. snafu 4130 seatpost bottomed out on the BB, i didn't cut it because i wasn't bothered about weight. Primo Pentagon seat (heavyduty version of hemerroid) with the cover re-done about a dozen times in total from wearing out. the rails were quite bent and rusty but it comes with the sweat of riding in such humidity/heat.

The Lounge / some dude built a cargo bike
« on: January 15, 2015, 10:12:53 AM »

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