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Posting bootleg videos.

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Sauce Johnson:
personally i think this rule sucks but your the boss sheep

I was getting on the mods asses about this on pinkbike, I think they fixed it


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--- Quote from: nhparkrider ---i watch new videos all the time, and i plunk down no cash and i steal nothing and it has nothing to do with the internet. is there something wrong with watching your friends videos too?
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No, but your still cheap.

Sorry :o


--- Quote from: shadowbmxer ---personally i think this rule sucks but your the boss sheep
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Hmm, well lets see...

1. You are doing it publicly, see # 1, can you say evidence?

2. It hurts your sport/religion, whatever you call this.

3. Companies watch BG. I have been asked by more than one company to take down links or sales of their pirated videos. How much of a dick do you have to be to post links to a video of a company YOU KNOW is on BG. How much of an asshole do you have to be to link to an Odyssey video knowing Jim, Nuno and Chris all watch this place? Same with other companies. Almost every major bmx company watches BG (probably 90%). They may not admit to it, but they do.

4. Not only is it againt federal law, and BG rules it is against my hosts rules. It is illegal. As in crime. You know, FBI warning and shit... That is great, get Bg shut down for your stupidity.

5. It puts my ass on the line because of you doing stuff. Do you really think I want to be sued because of you?

Think just a little bit people.

We are not some rinky dink little site no one knows about. Every search engine links to us. We are pretty much the largest bmx site. We have tens of thousands of readers (way over that), which puts us up there with most bmx magazines. Manufacturers cannot afford not to pay attention as BG consists and represents a major part of the bmx market.


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