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Rules for the site.

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Most of these are common decency, if you do not like it, go someplace else.

No porn. This is a bike site, not a porn site. An occasional boob is acceptable, but do not abuse it. A warning in the forum thread is requested as well. Genitals in general get you banned, with no warning, no excuses.

Bumping. Do not bump threads.

Flaming Gets you banned.
Definition of flaming...

Thread titles. Try to make the relevant. And no cussing.

Use the damn SEARCH function. That is why we have a search.

Image size and type If you use attachments, the system will resize them for you. If you link someplace else and they are 5 times my screen size, your thread/post may be deleted. Also, get a clue, BMP files should NOT be used. There are tons of programs that can convert them to png, jpg and gif. These are about 1/10 the file size of bmp files.

Jokes should be in red text or a smiley placed after them. Sarcasm does not translate into text. Though this is not mandatory, if someone takes offense, and you did not do one of the above, do not complain. Red text or a smiley keeps you out of trouble. Over 50% of sarcasm is missed, in other words, half the people reading it, will not know you were joking.

No Racial slurs (including avatars, or signatures.)
This is grounds for immediate banning. This goes both ways. Reverse discrimination/racism will not tolerated either.

Suicide Notes:
If your suicidal, don't post it here.
Contact someone who can help you, not some other kid.
Posts regarding this, will be deleted. Why? Because for one, we have no clue if your serious, and 2, we have no real way of helping you.
BikeGuide will not host your suicide note.

I recomend this place.
Suicide Hotlines

Free Speech.
There is no such thing as free speech on private property.
On here, you must follow common decency. Got it? Follow my rules or get the hell out.

Do not impersonate other individuals or falsely represent yourself. If I find you representing somoen from here on another board, I will permanently ban you. and try to get the other forum owner to do the same to you there.

Refrain from using excessive profanity.

Do not attempt to start a board war. Or use this site to launch an attack on another person, website or board.

If an admin or moderator tells you to do something, DO NOT BITCH, DO IT. Do not argue. They are there to keep the place clean and tolerable.

No discussion of pirated software, asking how to copy games, music, etc..

No threads that promote the use of drugs.

Bike Guide is not responsible for any statements made by anyone.

No Spamming, or posting just for numbers.

Signatures/Avatar/Location Rules:

Signatures and Avatars
Signatures should not exceed 30k, and 125x480 pixels. Text should not exceed 5 lines of text. If you have a picture, plese use only a few lines of text along with it at most.

Avatars and signatures should not have flashing or lots of animation. It distracts the eyes.


Do not be a jackass.

Forum Specific Rules
No chat threads. Comments in threads are ok

Bike Shop:
Is for serious question. No screwing around. It is for people needing help, not for your whimsicals. Un-provoked flaming in here is grounds for immediate banning.

Trade forum..
Bike Guide is not responsible if you get ripped on a deal in the trade, buy and sell forum. Do it at your own risk. Do not even ask for help.

Hate Forum:
Flaming is allowed. That is what it is there for. Got a beef, post it, but LEAVE it there.
Flames outside the Hate forum, are not allowed. Keep this in mind. All other forum rules still apply in here.

zack w:
what does it mean to "bump" threads?


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