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i have done buisness with two people on here an i did buisness with both of them on the same week. i sent the payments on the 31st of october. i sent one payment of 20 to Colorado for a drive train an got the package quite fast. the other paymentof 13 was sent to California for a sealed primo headset (very nice, so i've heard) but the good guy is Ryan.M the other guy is littledevil661 but if i do get the product i will tell you all about it.

Strong Bad:
Inopias/Wolverine = Very Trustworthy
I bought a spoke straddle cable thing from him.
He sent it to me fast and included a bunch of extra stickers.

Twincitiesboi = trustworthy
I bought a Twincities BMX video from him.
I got it fast and i got a free sticker too.

poolman=good buyer

LittleDevil661- bought a stem from him. i live in canada and him in the states so mail was slow. otherwise a good guy

bnw-  and   spokewrench ,   both good people


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