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Post anyone you have done bussines with.  Good or bad

Also if a sale has been completed please ask a mod to remove the thread.

Bg is not responsible for trades gone bad. We only offer a forum to post them. think of this as a bulletin board at your local shop.

Buyer beware.

ive delt with bink and tailor. i sent $ to bink first and he sent my wheel fast(and gave me exta shit to).

tailor sent $ to me first for a hub and rim, and he got it. pretty slow but he lives in canada.

ive delt with red carpet and fruitbat w/e his name is now.  both transations went smooth

also whatever happened to fruitbat?

The Centaur:
I dealt with Death(DOug) from BMXBOARD.

I sent him the money, he sent me my wheel set, in short order, no mucking about. Plus he gave me stickers and Dead Sailor! BOOOYAH!

RedCarpet- smooth deal, but a tad slow. he had trouble getting it shipped on time
Tailor- I did get the hub from him, but it was late and he had hacked off an inch of the axle on my peg side. I had no idea
Harvesterbikes- He owns a mailorder and is great to do business with.
Dan1906-I think he is banned, but I got a really nice wheel from him at a fraction of the cost it should have been. quick delivery

UnS&MBennett(or something like that) AKA, and greggo88S(on AIM), and Greig Sanders. horrible, bad person. has stolen from many people on here as well. do NOT do any type of business with him


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