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Etnies Park Comp


Alright guys, time for the first bmx comp at the etnies park in Lake Forest, Ca.
We are going to start out with flow/street division comps, then have highest air and best trick, them end with a 15-30 min bowl jam. Tons of prizes.
All proceeds go toward keeping the park free in 2006.
If you have any questions hit me up, hope to see you there.

Good god, a "flow" contest?

To bad no one will be able to film at that comp eh?


--- Quote from: Steven ---Good god, a "flow" contest?
--- End quote ---

A contest in the flow/street sections of the park. Not a "flow" contest as you think.

Filming will most likely be allowed, Fuel Tv is going to do a special


--- Quote from: Steven ---Good god, a "flow" contest?
--- End quote ---

Isn't that what riding is all about these days? Who can flow through park lines like nothing?


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