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Contest @ The Flow!!!

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Dear Zach.

I regret to inform you that, although I will be in Ohio this weekend, my chances of making it out are slim.


Dear Charlie,

     You used the wrong puncutation opening your letter.  You should have used a comma instead of a punctuation after my name.  I expect it won't happen again.
     It saddens me to know that you will be in my beloved state this weekend and will not be able to journey to Columbus.  Get John and you two shall come down here and stay with me and Corey.  We will enjoy bicycle, Taco Ninja and OE for John.  Possibly even some champagne for you.


P.S.- The period at the end of your name was not necessary.


--- Quote from: metalhead_bmx ---I'll be there nobody.Is your brother competing? And is there a session after the contests? What time do these fine comps end? All the public parks are skate only really, unless im mistaken. DONT GO TO POWELL SKATEPARK!! or be prepared to run from the cops at the cop station and have your bike taken away and pay a $500 dollar fine!!!!!!!!!
--- End quote ---

My brother may or may not compete.  It will depend on how he feels that day.  He's pretty stubborn.  If he does ride he'll kill that pro contest.

There is not a session after the contest, just mayhem.  I'd guess that the amateur contest will be done by 10:00pm and the pro contest will be done by 6:00pm.

Reynoldsburg is the only true bike friendly park but most of them are rather accomodating unless it's packed full of skaters and their parents.  Powell is the only one you should avoid.

If you orally pleasure a man named Fat Steve he might take you to his trails.

Today is the day that we admit that we're gey?

Not Danny Tanner:
So Zach,

Brent, Charlie, Duck, and Smashface are over my house!

Eating my cereal!

Well, Brent is making vegan pancakes, but close enough, you know.


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