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BG Interbike report is up.

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--- Quote from: sheepdog ---Actually, Rob-O said it, maybe he was joking or I miss-understood.
--- End quote ---

Considering I designed, wrote the programs, setup the mill, machined, deburred, polished, and handed Robbie the clamp, I think I would know better than anyone that the clamp is not a Fit seat clamp. Not only did I make this one, I have been making these for close to four years. Look at my bike check and see how long before Interbike I posted the pictures. You can clearly see that clamp on there. Long before the Series 3 line was even thought about. In no way am I trying to start something with this, because there is nothing negative going on between Fit and us. I am simply trying to clear this up.

bah seatclamps suck anyways.  i took mine off the day I bought my bike

I liked the writing.  it was like reading a movie

It was a missunderstanding, calm down you guys.

It was changed earlier today.

If that was a fit seat post clamp, i would of bought it. meh.


--- Quote from: i_am_dirt ---If that was a fit seat post clamp, i would of bought it. meh.
--- End quote ---

No reason to not buy it just because it isn't.


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