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BG Interbike report is up.

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Mike Reimer(derangedbiker):

--- Quote from: Tom_A ---Wow, thanks.
I expected the fly rims to be really light, thats a bit of a disapointment, they'd probably be strong though.
--- End quote ---

Fly has been confusing me latley. I have always look at them as making light parts, but those rims and the Ruben tires are no where near light.

good report but shame on you sheep!

Thanks, so far you are the only site, racing or freestyle, i know of to post anything.

el bmxican:
thanks sheep..that report was nice and i like the twist with todd!!

I like how the design of the carnks has been compromised because everyone's gone for the mid bb. Imagine that bad boy with a 25mm axle and no wedge interface thingy. Or a spider type thing attached to the drive side arm and a new design of sprocket.

Also I'm not keen on the way the arm meets the axle boss, every crank I've seen with that so far has had a tendency to snap at that point.


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