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SELL & SWAP RULES (read first!)


Unless it has been at least 5 days. If a mod sees it, they will DELETE your thread. When you do, mention "5 day bump", if not you risk deletion.

Don't link to or sell things in your signature.
It looks like crap.

Don't put up threads that say "possible _________ for sale"
If your not actually selling it, why are you posting? Kinda pointless. More often than not, it means your fishing for someone to pay too much.

If you are selling more than one thing, DO NOT MAKE MORE THAN ONE THREAD!!!
It sucks when people post 5 threads, within minutes of each other.

You now can delete your own threads IN THIS FORUM ONLY. Do so when your stuff is gone.

After 30 days, your thread may be deleted. Sorry, but if it has not sold by then, no one probably wants your JUNK.

No stolen parts! Duh.

Last and most importantly...
Bikeguide is NOT responsible for anything that happens to your deal. You are on your own. You may as well deal with a  crack dealer on the street, because I cannot and will not do anything to help you. Reason being, I want no part, or to be held responsible when the shit hits the fan. We suggest you use Heatware, see the other thread for information. At the VERY least consult the good/bad seller list.

This is for sellers and buyers.
Not your personal quips about how good or bad something is.

If you offer an alternative, fine, but leave it at that.

If I have to come through here, it will not be pretty.

How to delete your own thread (Sell & Swap only)

that should make it more clear. if it doesn't come up then i don't know.


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