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Albe's Comp is this weekend..

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Just a quick update to remind you all about the Albe's Comp this weekend (4/10/05) at the Modern park in Novi Mi.  Today (Friday 4/8) we just finished up dividing the Am prizes and it looks as if the top 10 finishers in the AM class will be getting prizes and TONS of them.  Pros gets $$$$ of course so be there or else.  Also it looks like we are going to try and run a BEST TRICK comp sponsored by the crazy fellows of "Team Young". Looks at if there will be some video cameras there taping for Props and tons of good photographers so bring your Kodak Courage.

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you guys never sent me my free shirt... god

Not Danny Tanner:
I will be there.

I will also be there.

i wont be there

but i will wish i was


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