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Extra Wide Rims


I've been a little more removed from BMX trends for a while, and I recently saw that XL rims are a thing. Is this to make the comically oversized tires we already have even a tad wider? Is it needed to run low PSI and not get pinch flats as seems to be a trend these days? Any other advantage? Just curious. Thanks!

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S&M Trail Rider:
Ive been more than frustrated that I cant find good high psi dirt tires 2.1 or smaller (like odyssey aitken tires) that will fit on my bike with brakes. Why are pretty much all tires available over 2.2" now? Bmx has gained some really stupid trends since I built my bike in 2007. I havent ridden for shit the last 10+ years thanks to never healing injuries but Id like to at least be able to cruise around a little and possibly to do light trails and park riding again in the future without having to do a whole new build. Dont even get me started on the prices of new tires these days lol.


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