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Crank bolt coming loose


Never had this problem before but I lost a crank bolt a short while ago so replaced it and just got back from a quick pedal to the shops and noticed the new one has begun to work itself out.

Cranks are profiles and the one coming out is LHD and they're set up for LHD. The new bolt is a ti one but it happened with the profile one which I lost. The ti ones has ti grease in and the spindle is ti but that shouldn't affect it?

I did swap the frame a while ago but it's only just started happening.

Any ideas?

I wouldn't use Loctite since that won't work with the grease which you need...maybe crush a couple threads in the middle of the bolt so it stays in place? Not the best idea but it's kept bolts from coming loose in my cars before.


Thanks for that, however I went back cleaned it out, re to greased it and gave it a fucking good tighten.

Seems fine now. Maybe i was being too precious with it.


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