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Taj Mihelich (mountain) bike check



(that's not a dirt jumper with a slammed seat, it's a trail bike with a dropper seatpost. I am curious to see what it looks like with the seat up.)

I found this to be pretty interesting. I also have not been on a BMX bike in a long time, but a hardtail mountain bike for gettin rowdy in the woods is just as fun for me. Taj' experience is a lot like mine. contrary to popular opinion about how a mountain bike should fit and handle, we have both chosen to ride:

* a steel hardtail in places where you "need" a full suspension bike
* a frame with a short reach in an age when bikes are getting longer and longer
* an intensionally steep head tube angle. he put a HTA-steepening headset on it, when standard for mountain bikes these days is 67 or slack-er
* over-inflated tires. when most people are riding with less than 20 psi, he is running 30+
* feeling awkward about the "in the bike" feeling that riders seem to want
maybe that's something that is hard-wired into a riders brain when he starts with BMX.

Narcoleptic Insomniac:
Interesting. I too went for a relatively steep head angle and short chainstays for my MTB.

speaking of Taj, I saw Hoffman bikes is going to do a run of his old signature frame

Prodigal Son:
Haha Taj is fat.


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