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did the g-coaster answer everyone's prayers?

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Pretty sure a limited supply of pixie dust around the world kept this from coming to fruition...

The Clutch 2 ended up being pretty awesome though.  I've had one for a while with no problems other than breaking the first plastic guard that came with it.  I did smash the shit out of it though and the replacements are cheap, so no complaints there.

Yeah the Clutch ain't the G-Coaster but man is it miles better than any coaster I've ever run before. Had the v1 for a year and a half and my only issue was it developing some side to side play. Got a v2 and the aluminum guard (I also destroyed the plastic one pretty quick, supposedly they updated the material) and haven't had a single issue. It's weird being able to put a coaster on and just run it for a year and a half, I was used to having to rebuild the old school ones every month. Driver bearings had a max 5 week lifespan, resistance mechanisms wore out and slipped, plus they had weak axles. I also sheared the driver threads in half on my Poverty coaster hahaha. Now I've got a 14mm female axle in a hub I never need to touch. Oh yeah and with the stronger female axle I haven't had my wheel move in the dropouts like I used to with the old male axle hubs.

I assume the driver in the G-Coaster didnt work out.

I loved the ratchet but gave up on it after a few years when I was on my third driver and they all had design problems even though they were the updated versions.
I assume the G-Coaster had similar problems.

Have the Profile Z-coaster now which is an awesome hub when going forward but worst FC I had for going backwards, luckily I almost never do fakies (I just hate the sound of cassettes).

Nope .My Clutch v2 hub has some nice side to side wobble .Changed the driver still there .YAY .


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