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another new freecoaster - planetary gear engagement

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what does everyone think? pretty interesting concept although there're a few things im skeptical about

1. male axle in 2019?
2. if you pedal forward when in fakie, the internals can explode

anyway, super happy of some new innovation coming to market

Could probably make it female in a similar way the z-coaster works.

Got myself a Salt coaster a while back and it kinda broke. Just got myself a z-coaster and it might just be me but I am not impressed how it works, spins really badly. Gonna put it on the test.

A no-slack coaster that explodes if you pedal forward. What could go wrong?

He's got fabulous hair, i trust him.

I've been riding one for a couple weeks.  It's basically the same internals as the Ezra hub but the clutch disc has a planetary gear in it and it engages on the hubshell instead of the axle so that when the hub moves forward the inside section of the clutch disc moves backwards pushing the pawls up.  When it moves backwards it moves the inside section forward enough to allow you to pedal forward with no resistance as long as you don't pedal forward faster than the hub is moving backwards.

It hasn't blown up on me yet, but I'm not the hardest on coasters.


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