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Odyssey clutch v2 opinions

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I know I'm basically talking to myself here, but on the off chance someone who rides BMX stumbles across this site one day, what's the opinion on the clutch?
Is it significantly better than the rest of the khe type coasters in terms of feel and engagement/mechanical reliability?

This Ezra freecoasting pawls shit all seems like witchcraft, I can't really find any opinions on it, so assume they suck?

I haven't had the chance to play with one, but I keep getting told that it's the new Nankai, which is high praise

KHE resistance mech has problems

I highly haven't heard of any issues on the V2... Which means quite a bit for a coaster. I'd run one without hesitation. Odyssey would have your back if any issues arose so that helps as well.

Prodigal Son:
The only issue I have seen is the axle. Kind of a wack design.

I know a few guys that run it (flatland) that really like it. Another friend bought the profile zcoaster and swears itís the best coaster heís ever had


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