Author Topic: WTB: 21.25"+ frame, must be gyro compatible, ss mounts, show me your bargin  (Read 3136 times)

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As I am wrapping up college I am deciding I need a good stress reliever, so I have decided to start riding again. I am mainly looking for a frame first at a good discount price ($300 need not apply here), then I will work on collecting other parts. If you are leaving the scene or your current set-up and can offer a frame plus parts at a good price, lets talk some prices. On to frame requirements:

-Must be 21.25" (21.4" flys are bueno as well)
-Must have SS mounts and be gyro compatible (as in mounts and thread pitches will be intact, not stripped, and disclosed as such in a PayPal statement)
-I would prefer a frame under 6lbs, this shouldn't be a stretch now days
-The paint can be destroyed, I do not care, that is a simple fix
-Cracks, major dents, or any structural damage need not apply either

I am PayPal verified, a long-time member, and have a very long list of great transactions here on BikeGuide. Please let me know what you guys have! Thank you.

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I have a beautiful trans brown 21.25" Solid Cutlass with welded mounts although it has no gyro tab holes. PM me if interested and I'll send photos.
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I'm a long toptube fan myself, so I'll keep an eye out for you, and let you know if I see anything that fits this description. 
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