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Remaining Bluesix Inventory

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I have been getting a lot of international inquiries for Bluesix Titanium product, so I thought I would list what we still have in inventory, as I know this stuff is getting very rare. If anyone is interested in some of it, hit me up! Shipping is usually pretty affordable on this stuff as the packages are quite small.

All prices in $ USD.


- Bluesix Axle Nut 3/8 - $11.99
- Bluesix Brake Pad Nuts, Ti - Raw - $9.99
- Bluesix GDH Spindle Bolts (Profile) - Blue or Raw - $24.99
- Bluesix Hex Head Axle Bolt 3/8 & 16tpi (Profile) Raw - $16.99
- Bluesix Odyssey Spindle Bolts (Thunderbolt, Twombolt) - Blue, Gold or Raw - $24.99
- Bluesix Primo Spindle Bolts (Powerbite, Hollowbite) - Gold - $24.99
- Bluesix Bluesix Sprocket Bolt, 3/8 & 24tpi (Profile) - $6.99


- Bluesix Low Head Axle Bolt 3/8 & 16tpi, Steel (Profile) - $7.99
- Bluesix Low Head Axle Bolt 3/8 & 24tpi, Steel (Most Taiwan made front hubs) - $7.99

Contact me directly with your full address if interested in shipping rates. chris (at)

Are the Blue6 Primo Compression bolts sold as a set or individually?

I've still got my Blue6 Hollow ti bolts for the Ratchet hub too, you made some kick ass stuff.. any chance in hell you might have some of the forks with brake mounts still hiding somewhere?

Been looking for titanium collars for the Ratchet, similar to your old ones. Still havn't found some which I liked nearly as much as yours. Any chance you have a pair lying around?

Think the guy is a shop owner not the B6 dude


--- Quote from: Boomhauer on January 19, 2016, 10:17:44 AM ---Are the Blue6 Primo Compression bolts sold as a set or individually?
--- End quote ---

The Primo Bolts are sold as a pair. Shipping to most places in the US has been around $12 with a tracking #.

Yes, I run a shop, I am not affiliated with Blue 6. We just have a lot of random stock still kicking around.


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