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Well, I suppose we may as well start with a clean slate here. Just remember to keep it clean guys, I don't wanna be seeing pictures of Sasper's sister's snatch in this thread.


Just put my summer wheels on and I'm stoked with how they turned out, although there's a touch too much poke in the front for my personal liking. May have to look into getting the Ing's +1 fenders.

IMG_0310 by colekmiecik, on Flickr

IMG_20150313_143528 by colekmiecik, on Flickr

IMG_20150313_140044 by colekmiecik, on Flickr

IMG_20150313_143510 by colekmiecik, on Flickr

Rad. Wider front fenders on that would look so dope.

I keep thinking about it, Alex. But the price on them is ridiculous for what they are. Between 2k-4k (thanks for taking a shit, canadian dollar). Realistically, it may make the most sense to go Rocket Bunny in the front to even out with the rear, however I'm not really too keen on cutting into the fender and wheel well on a brand new car.

What's going on in your garage at the moment? Done anything new with the Rabbit?

Edit: For those interested, wheel specs are 16x8 +25 and tires are 225/50/16

You should look into getting the existing fenders pulled, that'd probably be a lot cheaper, although not as easy to reverse it back to stock as different fenders. Knowledgable people can get you wider without even needing new paint.

I was just thinking today I should go put my summer wheels on the GTI now that the snow is all gone but I feel as soon as I do that, we'll get another blizzard! Always seems to happen towards the end of March. Not having a heated garage really kills motivation to work on things so I haven't done anything to my cars since last fall. About that time for spring cleaning, though. Clay bar, polish and wax as well as detail the interior again.

Also since I quit my job last summer, the fun money has been limited so I haven't done a whole lot although I think I'm going to pick up a roof rack and bike mount for the GTI rather than dirtying up the interior of the car all the time.

Didn't even think of pulling the fenders. Duh. The most obvious choice... I'm not all too concerned about the ability to go back to stock, I can always find someone to trade fenders with me if the time comes to sell. Just don't want to cut them up because I don't trust the body shop to get a good seal again to stop rust from the inside.

I wanted to wait on the wheels, but we've had pretty consistent above 5*C days here, so I think it's safe to say there won't be another blizzard. Luckily, I'm starting up the surveying season again in a few weeks so I should have a work truck by next week and if it gets really shitty out, I'll just use the truck.

Speaking of school, I just got accepted to university for electrical engineering, but I think I'll be putting that off for a year to pay the car off in full, as well as owe my company less money for the apprenticeship courses I've been put on in the past few weeks. Real life is a bummer when it comes to hobbies... Unless you're Sokolaka, then you have all the money in the world for toys.


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