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Hiring full time BMX Mechanic Canada

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Hey Fellas -

Our shop is hiring a full time BMX mechanic in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It's a great job where you'll be a huge part of a BMX only shop and a major part of the BMX community.

If anyone on here is looking, or knows someone who might be interested, check out the posting on our website and hit me up directly with any questions.


Can I come?

We are still in the market for the right person, and are looking for someone to start in Jan or Feb in order to be ready for Spring.

If you know someone looking for a great job, doing what they love, spread the word!


--- Quote from: Sasha on November 25, 2014, 02:01:50 PM ---Can I come?

--- End quote ---

You probably could. You would probably get a work visa for Canada.


Dr. Steve Brule:
I wanna go. I'm guessing the mechanic wage in Canada is about the same level as the UK sadly.


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