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Moola, referrals, invites etc... for anything...


If I see another Moola (or any other earn ____ type crap) thread, I will ban whoever posts it.

This is not a place for you to use to get rep, cash, points, whatever.

If you want to try and make money here, you better be prepared to give some back. I am NOT going to pay for you to make money. I pay a lot to keep this place running. I do not pay for it for you to get free advertising for you to make money.

Basically if it gets you something, money, Ipod, laptop etc... and I get nothing, then it does not belong here. Start your own site and foot the bills THEN you can advertise for free.

tom mann:
sheepdog is in it for the mad bling.

what about invites for torrent sites and what not? or beta-sites?

non-profit websites basically.

Chris B.:
S-Dogg gets money.


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