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I'll do it when I get home from the bank today!

R.L. Osbourne:
Any way to do this if you dont have pay-pal?


--- Quote from: TidoJackson;1920408 ---If you end up cancelling this, will I be reimbersed?
--- End quote ---

It will not be canceled.

At most, I will leave it running until your account expires and not allow you to re-enable it. If for some odd reason I do though, I will reimburse you for what time you have left.

I spent a lot of effort setting this up, I have no plans to take it down.


--- Quote from: R.L. Osbourne;1920918 ---Any way to do this if you dont have pay-pal?
--- End quote ---

Not really.


--- Quote from: sheepdog;1921015 ---Not really.
--- End quote ---

How about money orders?.


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