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Benefits of supporting Bikeguide with a Premium Membership include:

Removal of some of the advertisements on BG.
The top right stays, they paid before this was implemented and is not as intrusive. The very bottom ads are actually there for your benefit not mine.

Custom title
This goes under your name, for an example, mine says Site Admin.
You can change it any time you want (see notes).

A logo under your name saying you support Bikeguide.
(It looks better under your name)

Access to a private forum limited to those with a premium membership.

Larger Private Message Storage.
Instead of the usual 400 stored messages, you get 1000.

Larger Attachment Storage.
Instead of the usual 15 megs  of stored attachments you get 30.

All of this cost you $12 per year.
That is only $1 per month, who cannot afford that?

To order:
Go into your control panel (UserCP on the upper left), and on the lower left below Miscellaneous you will see "paid Subscriptions". On the drop down select the $12 option, and hit "order". And no, it is not automatically recurring. It would if there was a little star next to the dollar amount and there isn't.

If you can, add the email address and password in the comments (not sure if Pay Pal will let you, if not, PM me).

Notes, restrictions, etc.
To change your title go into your control panel (UserCP on the upper left), click on edit profile. Top of the second box is where you change this.
Titles cannot contain anything that may interfere with board operations. Examples are admin, sheepdog, moderator, things like that.
If you make a mistake and send Canadian or Australian dollars, expect to pay extra to cover the Pay Pal fees lost due to using 2 transactions instead of one, so get it right the first time.
If this is canceled, I spent a lot of effort setting this up, I have no plans to take it down. I will leave it running until your account expires and not allow you to re-enable it, but if for some odd reason I do though, I will reimburse you for what time you have left.
Basically try not to be a baby if something goes wrong, I will try to fix it.

What if you get banned.
You keep the email for a year, but otherwise you forfeit your money.
Hey, it was your fault, you screwed up.
There will be no transfers, no refund. This is primarily a way to donate to the site, the only service offered is the email, which can be accessed even if you are banned.

I'll do it.
How do I start?


If you can, add the email address and password in the comments (not sure if Pay Pal will let you, if not, PM me).

Once we get someone to try it, I can give more details.
Sorry guys, I can only test so much from my end, but I assure you, you will not get screwed.

If you end up cancelling this, will I be reimbersed?


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