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The Lounge / Re: 15 Years on the forum
« Last post by Prodigal Son on December 21, 2017, 07:57:47 PM »
Dang! You're only 22? How many kids you have presently?
The Lounge / Re: Aphantasia
« Last post by Prodigal Son on December 21, 2017, 07:55:28 PM »
I've had phantnosmia to one degree or another the past 5 years. What this entails is my inability to turn off my recall of a smell. Unfortunately, it isn't a smell I've encoded. It is normally a dusty, yeasty, Coca Cola, and sewage smell. It sometimes lasts days. Other times it is in passing.

This condition is caused from anosmia, which is having no sense of smell. I had all my olfactory nerves severed from the olfactory bulb in a traumatic brain injury.

I have been on my couch recovering from ACL reconstruction and reading a book about biological mechanisms for scent. There was a case of a woman who was not "reading" the correct smell for most everything. Sort of like phantnosmia, but she could initially smell it correctly but then would get stuck in a loop. She was going to have her olfactory nerves surgically removed but this dude working on this research gave her pentobarbital. Much like epilepsy she got out of that smell loop.
The Lounge / Re: Aphantasia
« Last post by Narcoleptic Insomniac on December 21, 2017, 06:50:15 PM »
Sounds made up. I can't begin to wrap my head around not being able to create mental images. How else would you remember things? Wild.

PS. Welcome back.
Sell and Swap / WTB: Purple Limited Edition Animal Jump off stem 100 made
« Last post by Dexint on December 21, 2017, 05:55:30 PM »
Looking for one of the purple limited edition animal jump off stems , 100 made , I owned #33 back when they were made (wish I never sold it )and really would like to find one for my collection , let me know thanks
The Lounge / Re: 15 Years on the forum
« Last post by BilboBaggins on December 21, 2017, 05:07:39 PM »
7 years this month. I'm 22 now and still the same dumb ass billy
The Lounge / Re: Make Bikeguide Great Again...
« Last post by BilboBaggins on December 21, 2017, 04:53:43 PM »
Uhh yuhh
The Lounge / Re: Screen Printing
« Last post by Christopher_T on December 21, 2017, 02:30:50 PM »
I used to bang my college girlfriend at her screen printing studio

Yeah, me too.
The Lounge / Aphantasia
« Last post by Christopher_T on December 21, 2017, 02:29:10 PM »
Hey babies,

It's ya boy SmallBlueBike, SBB, ChristopherT, bobthebuilder17, and whatever else I've gone by here. Glad to see you're all well, I guess.

Recently I heard of a condition called aphantasia. A simple way of explaining it is to say that you have a "blind mind's eye". This means that people with aphantasia are not capable of forming mental images.

As soon as I heard about this, my mind exploded. Growing up, I always assumed that I was misunderstanding when people would suggest that they can conjure up mental images. I always figured that it was meant figuratively. Well, with the discovery of aphantasia came the realization that I was wrong in that thought process and in reality, I'm just a shell of a man with no ability to recall images.

What's more is that aphantasia (which is a recently named condition with research on it being limited) also appears to impact other senses. It has never crossed my mind that when people say they have a song stuck in their head that they are actually hearing the song. This is something that dawned on me yesterday. I do not hear internal sounds in that way. Likewise, I'm not able to conjure up smells. I can tell you that I like a smell because I might remember enjoying it in the past but if you asked me what a certain candle smells like, I wouldn't be able to actually recall the scent and comment on it.

It's been pretty wild realizing that I've been lacking this ability and seeing the practical uses for it. I've talked to people who say they use mental imagery to assist in math problems, spelling words, remembering the faces of loved, etc. Hell, last night at trivia there was a question asking you to name 3 out of 5 boys on some movie poster. It completes explains why I can't draw. Well, at least why I can't draw from memory. I'll own my artistic inability otherwise.

I only bring this here because 1) I can't stop obsessing about it -- it's fucking wild. 2) There is some suspicion that it could be caused by head injuries. Being that this community has a higher percentage of people who have bashed their faces into the ground multiple times, I'm curious to see if anyone else here may also be aphantasiac.

To be clear, this is totally some millennial "waaah, i'm different" bullshit. I've always lacked the ability to connect my senses to fantasy in that way so nothing has changed since learning about this. But it is really interesting and makes me want to grab some mushrooms and have my own good time.

Here's a really good article that sums up aphantasia, at least as I experience it, really well. The FAQ is pretty handy.
The Lounge / Re: Screen Printing
« Last post by paranoidmexican on December 21, 2017, 10:43:10 AM »
I used to bang my college girlfriend at her screen printing studio

Sell and Swap / Re: WTB: Solid Reel Sprocket 28t or 30t
« Last post by O.G. David on December 21, 2017, 03:25:52 AM »
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