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The Lounge / I'm on the east coast
« Last post by blueee on April 05, 2018, 10:44:50 PM »
I'm in lousiana
at some pint I'm going to drive up to west tenessee and drive across to east tenessee and then live in the woods with my buddy in souh carolina (at his dirtjunps) and then ride with a bunch of oeople in North Carolina and then Virginias And try to make it to Fourth of July at fdr or maybe skatetopia for Fourth of July then jam back west trough Colorado to burning man and ride it's skatepark hahaha

holler at me if you're In the area and want to ride
The Bike Shop / Re: JCPC question.
« Last post by blueee on April 05, 2018, 10:40:14 PM »
they're big enough
huge compared to rubens
The Bike Shop / email to the city about slippery concrete
« Last post by blueee on April 05, 2018, 10:39:38 PM »
hey, I'm a XXXCity resident and an avid bmx rider. I notice more and more skateparks popping up. a lot of them probably lack input from the people who actually use them as kids and young adults don't keep up with what the city is doing. well I hear you guys are building a new skatepark in XXXCity and a huge problem me and my fellow bmx riders have had with this wave of recently built skateparks is that the concrete is way too slippery, it is dangerously slippery and we have to change our riding style to accommodate this extremely slick concrete. I know there's a balance out there between the high speed slick concrete and the old regular concrete (which grips). could you please forward this concern to both the contractor building the park and also the city working representing this skatepark project.

I should also add a part about having a couple quarters and wedges bigger than 3ft tall
The Lounge / Re: When's the last time you rode your bike?
« Last post by master on April 05, 2018, 04:11:36 PM »
Besides a couple minutes of easy pedalling, end of December. I tore an ab muscle the next week and have been sitting on my ass since then.


I reinjured the same area so I have a CT scan next week to determine what's next. Either keep sitting on my ass with no riding, or surgery and then recovery with no riding. Either way no bikes for me for the next month or two.

Update again: CT scan showed no remaining injury so physical therapy should get me past the current pain. Meaning... I might actually ride a bike this month. I really fucking hope so.
Riding Videos / Re: South of France and Barcelona
« Last post by O.G. David on April 05, 2018, 10:26:47 AM »
Nothing grippier than those pumptracks as it's actually covered in some kind of griptape.
The Lounge / Re: When's the last time you rode your bike?
« Last post by Professor Horatio Hufnagel on April 05, 2018, 08:28:36 AM »
I've been look at BMX brad sites trying to catch up with what parts are out there now, does that count? :0
Riding Videos / Re: South of France and Barcelona
« Last post by Professor Horatio Hufnagel on April 05, 2018, 08:22:02 AM »
I was half expecting the pump track to lead to a crash, as it was the first clip, had no music and looked potentially slippery as fuck
The Bike Shop / Re: Springfield, Springfield!
« Last post by Professor Horatio Hufnagel on April 04, 2018, 07:07:05 PM »
I expected it might not centre properly on the front as you normally have to tension the spring on the side with the housing a bit more to compensate for it's stiffness

I'm worried that the Springfield spring doesn't cope well with the extra friction of dual cables though. Were you having trouble getting your dual cable rear Springfield setup pushing the arms away from the rim far enough?
Bike Gallery / Re: Credence M.O.D.
« Last post by Patty on April 04, 2018, 05:12:09 PM »
Lots of similarities with this bike and my own, zodiac cap with a fit homan stem. Get a Tree headset cap! So much cleaner looking than the Odyssey one.
The Lounge / Re: When's the last time you rode your bike?
« Last post by paranoidmexican on April 04, 2018, 02:51:33 PM »
I sat in a house with ac all day yesterday
the day before that I sat at moms house in the morning and the skatepark in the afternoon
I rode the skatepark a couple times the hours while I was there, scaring myself with big sketchy air outs and bowl lines every non-warmed-up run. they were big and fast and great but felt sketchy cuase I'm fucked up and sitting on my ass all day.

I pulled an elbow muscle during one of the runs and am wondering if I should ride or not. I shouldn't Becaise I rolled my ankle 8days ago bit as long as I don't land sketchy, right? airplane landings. yeah that day I set up a huge kicker  to upledge to flat that I shouldn't hit due to my ankle but duck it , I airplane landed that shit

we drank beer in my garage and talked about bikes, does that count? lmao
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