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The Lounge / Re: Where is everyone at in life?
« Last post by Prodigal Son on March 26, 2021, 11:42:32 PM »
2021 is alright. Still havenít been able to get into a house. Weíre giving 20,000+ over asking, waiving contingencies, and every ill conceived notion of home buying.

Fully vaccinated.
Going to the track regularly.

Havenít rode my bmx since December. When the pic was taken.

My brother got a keep yesterday.
The Lounge / Re: Where is everyone at in life?
« Last post by sokoloka on March 25, 2021, 07:44:52 PM »
How's everyone doing in 2021?
Bike Gallery / Fit Long
« Last post by paranoidmexican on March 09, 2021, 10:48:17 AM »
I was recently gifted this Morgan Long frame and am stoked on how it looks. I wanted to run my Odyssey Elementary stem but unfortunately it didnít fit with this frame. I may put the chrome bars back on.

Frame : Fit Morgan Long Signature 21"
Forks: Deco FU Forks V2
Bars : Fit TRL
Stem : Fit TRL
Headset : Odyssey
Grips: Fit Tech
Barends : Shadow
Lever : Odyssey Monolever
Cranks : Odyssey Caliber 170mm
Pedals: Merritt
Sprocket : Eclat 28t
Chain : Shadow Interlock
Brakes : Demolition front, Fly OG rear
Pads : Odyssey Ghost Pads
Seat : Odyssey Nightwolf Railed
Seat Post : Haro Fusion
Rear Wheel : Animal rim, Eclat hub 9t
Front Wheel : Animal rim, Eclat front hub
Tires : Odyssey Pro Path 2.25 front and rear
Extras: Odyssey Nightwolf bar pad
Mods: Made with love

Bike Gallery / Re: T-Uno Tres Amigos
« Last post by paranoidmexican on March 09, 2021, 10:47:59 AM »
i love the maroon forks, it doesn't necessarily match the bike but still looks great. and that seat is beautiful!
The Bike Shop / Could something about the hub shell repeatedly damage drivers
« Last post by Davet on February 28, 2021, 05:39:27 PM »
I got an Antigram wheel a while back it started slipping and stopped working when I took it apart, the c-clip and spiral retaining ring was chewed up and the pawls would not stay in, Odyssey sent me a new driver, now the same thing has happened after just a month, could something about the hub shell like a defect or damage be causing the damage to the new driver? Thanks! 
Bike Gallery / T-Uno Tres Amigos
« Last post by O.G. David on February 02, 2021, 06:26:40 AM »

Frame: Flybikes Tres Amigos 21"

Forks: Odyssey Race CS2
Headset: FSA Impact w/Zodiac cap
Stem: Fbm Protect Ya Neck
Bars: Terrible One 8.85"
Grips: Flybikes Ruben
Bar ends: Odyssey Par Ends

Seat: Gt Drop Nose
Post: Thomson Elite
Cranks: Cult Hawk 175mm
Bottom Bracket: Flybikes
Sprocket: Terrible One American Flyer 33t
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Pedals: Animal Hamilton Sealed

Front Wheel
Hub: Gsport Marmoset
Rim: Odyssey Sevenka
Spokes: Dt champion
Tire: Flybikes Ruben 2.25"

Back Wheel
Hub: Primo Mix 10t w/Bsd Ti Axle
Rim: Odyssey Sevenka
Spokes: Dt Champion
Tire: Flybikes Ruben 2.15"

Lever: Eclat Sniper
Cable: Odyssey Linear
Brake: Flybikes
Pads: Kool Stop BMX Salmon
Riding Videos / Re: Malaga(D)a vid(a)
« Last post by BilboBaggins on February 01, 2021, 12:02:07 PM »
hell yeah.
looking like stefan

post a bike check
Sell and Swap / Looking for t1 barcode, fbm steadfast, subrosa wild child
« Last post by rideorcry on February 01, 2021, 05:19:24 AM »
Fairly open between these frames but 20.75 preferred and brake mounts are a must on barcode. As well as mid bb.
Riding Videos / Malaga(D)a vid(a)
« Last post by O.G. David on January 31, 2021, 04:46:01 PM »
Cool stay in Malaga!

Also, older video:

Viva el BMX!
The Lounge / Re: With heavy heart Bikemutts has passed away
« Last post by S&M Trail Rider on November 28, 2020, 04:17:13 AM »
RIP, I remember them both, 1st time ive logged in in about 6 years
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