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Sell and Swap / Re: FS: NOS Odyssey V3 Elementary, V3 cassette hubs, etc.
« Last post by CMB on June 12, 2020, 08:07:26 PM »
I know this is an ancient thread and Im sorry for bumping but do you have stem?!
Sorry man, sold a long time ago
The Bike Shop / Re: Taj Mihelich (mountain) bike check
« Last post by Narcoleptic Insomniac on June 12, 2020, 07:32:17 AM »
Interesting. I too went for a relatively steep head angle and short chainstays for my MTB.
The Bike Shop / Taj Mihelich (mountain) bike check
« Last post by jonathan on June 10, 2020, 12:37:39 PM »

(that's not a dirt jumper with a slammed seat, it's a trail bike with a dropper seatpost. I am curious to see what it looks like with the seat up.)

I found this to be pretty interesting. I also have not been on a BMX bike in a long time, but a hardtail mountain bike for gettin rowdy in the woods is just as fun for me. Taj' experience is a lot like mine. contrary to popular opinion about how a mountain bike should fit and handle, we have both chosen to ride:
  • a steel hardtail in places where you "need" a full suspension bike
  • a frame with a short reach in an age when bikes are getting longer and longer
  • an intensionally steep head tube angle. he put a HTA-steepening headset on it, when standard for mountain bikes these days is 67 or slack-er
  • over-inflated tires. when most people are riding with less than 20 psi, he is running 30+
  • feeling awkward about the "in the bike" feeling that riders seem to want

maybe that's something that is hard-wired into a riders brain when he starts with BMX.
Bike Gallery / I bought a bike for my birthday
« Last post by paranoidmexican on June 10, 2020, 12:35:57 PM »
I bought this Fit TRL and have been going back to basics. Having a blast, did not realize 21" frames feel amazing. Obviously I changed a few bits though.
Bike Gallery / Re: All sorts of blasphemy
« Last post by Narcoleptic Insomniac on June 10, 2020, 09:07:28 AM »
Super sweet. What's the geo and how does it ride compared to 20"? I'm thinking of going 22" or 24" to ride the little local jumps/pump track and cruise around the neighborhood. After riding a MTB for a bit jumping on my 20" feels terrifying but I'm hesitant to give it up.
The Bike Shop / Best way to clear thick brambles for trails in the woods?
« Last post by sketchyluke on June 08, 2020, 04:52:27 PM »
Title says it all really. I'm reviving our old trails but a lot of the old lines are a good 4-5ft under brambles after a decade of inactivity.

It's a one man building operation at the moment so any advise on how best to get rid of them and keep them gone would be great.
The Lounge / Re: Post your Car/Truck/Motor Vehicle V2.0
« Last post by sokoloka on June 05, 2020, 06:18:17 PM »
@sokoloka I absolutely love that truck and can't believe I forgot about the creamsicle 2 tone. I really want a 71-73 in either the green/light green or brown/tan 2 tone. My grandfather had one in the green/green and my dad had the 80s Clubwagon in the brown/tan for half of my childhood. I gotta have the round headlights and one of those 2 schemes. 

She's a friggen BEAST and hopefully back on the road again in a hot minute.  Had to do a couple of tweaks in the short term to get her comfortably rolling on 37's ...

Bought this fucker on a whim and made it back 425 miles before throwing a rod through the side of the block 30 miles away from home:

Now there's another one on the project list ....
The Lounge / Re: Where is everyone at in life?
« Last post by sokoloka on June 05, 2020, 06:14:30 PM »
No credit, no future, no savings, fucked up back but I have 3 BMX bikes and still ride whenever I can. Broke as shit but I've been living 100% on my own after my roommate moved out last fall and all my bills are paid so I can't complain too much. 30 is approaching too quick

When's the best time to plant a tree?  20 years ago.  When's the second best time?  Today. 
You got this shit homie.
The Lounge / Re: Where is everyone at in life?
« Last post by sokoloka on June 05, 2020, 06:13:36 PM »
sokoloka, you till in the RX game?

Still in the spine implant game, 12 years strong and counting.  Started my own company at the end of 2016 and went full time working for myself in early 2017.  Recently turned 33, still in sunny San Diego, always trying to figure out what moves to make next.  Getting somewhat burnt out on the grind but figure I need to keep making hay while the sun is shining.  Overall life is good!

Jealous of the patch of dirt you got yourself!  Have to pay through the nose for a postage stamp out here.  Missing the vibe this place had!  Still check in monthly when I remember.  Wish we could get BG to pop off again.

The Bike Shop / Re: RNC Manufacturing returns to bmx!
« Last post by JFax on June 04, 2020, 06:21:49 AM »
I would be all over a full guard sprocket in 30 or 33t (why make smaller anyway, can barely hit a sprocket that small) and if its spline drive.

Or better yet, the first versions of the light sprocket that looks like the ones Tree is making now. I suppose they broke, but damn they were sexy
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