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The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: September 11, 2009, 11:38:48 AM »
Quote from: wartree;3085202
damn i would be up for some varmint/bird hunt but with a riffle.

don't bother, it's fucking boring.

The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: September 11, 2009, 10:58:27 AM »
Quote from: Duncan;3085149
No honestly shotguns are so easy to get, I'm not part of any shooting clubs or anything, I'm a 19 year old who lives in a rural but suburban setting and the firearms man just came round asked what i wanted it for and i said to shoot pigeons and rabbits and he was like ok I'll grant you a shotgun certificate.


But bearing in mind i was dressed a little like this when he visited:

class. my mate makes uber ponce shotguns, i think the cheapest is 13 grand. we used to use a .22 rifle to shoot rats and magpies on my mates farm. in regulation hunters and barbours, naturally.

The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: September 11, 2009, 07:37:45 AM »
Quote from: Duncan;3084537
They hand out shotguns willy nilly in the UK, the firearms enquiries officer is coming round tomorrow to make sure I'm enough of a farmer to have one, but i spoke to him on the phone and he was talking like I was already successful.  But we'll see.

you can get shotguns, handguns and rifles if you're a member of a shooting club. it's no biggie. a mate is a gunsmith and has quite a few guns.

The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: August 15, 2009, 08:36:31 PM »
Quote from: ilvmybicycle;3063399
we had a sketchy sheriff who got busted for evidence tampering. and like 16 other charges were dropped. well the dude was handing out CCW's for everyone ( NOT ME!!!!! ) and all his friends. well we then got an ACTING SHERIFF and well she doesnt think that anyone should be able to defend themselfs.

its sucks, there is also a couple of other reasons like that our state is a liberal leftist state and we get some sweet gun laws.

your state is leftist??? the whole of the usa is right wing/ultra right wing. no state or any local government in the usa is remotely left wing.

surely gun laws aren't a bad thing (to a point) as it stops miscreants obtaining firearms and only the law abiding populace has them? you'd have to be pretty daft to let anyone have a gun...

as for your corruption problem, i hope you manage to sort it out. sounds pretty bad if government officials are able to compromise your laws.

The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: August 15, 2009, 08:09:05 PM »
Quote from: ilvmybicycle;3059374
lets just say in my county they are taking ccw's away from people

care to expand on that? quite a few of my mates in the states have ccw's and have no problems.

The Lounge / Last trick you learned?
« on: July 10, 2009, 04:22:28 AM »
tricks? pfft.

The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: May 01, 2009, 10:38:18 AM »
Quote from: Andras;2963651
Fair enough. If the UK were allowed to have guns then I would have some.

you can, anyone can apply for a rifle or shotgun license. several of my friends have shotguns, one's even a gunsmith.

The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: March 28, 2009, 07:40:00 PM »
just wondering, is anyone here into shotguns?

not the generic types, but the good ones like watson bros guns?

The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: March 18, 2009, 05:36:04 PM »
Quote from: wheelr;2914475
It's from a Home Office link you previously posted.

when? the last time or recently? :rolleyes:

Quote from: wheelr;2914475

Let's just say I believe the police report statistics more than some sampled crime survey.

it makes no difference. where do you think the home office gets their stats from? did it not occur to you that the police report crime?

crime is on the decrease in the uk, it has been for years. i still don't get your point. you post about how dangerous the usa is regarding shootings, we post about how safe the uk is with gun crime being so rare. we agree! i'm not saying the uk is safer regarding assault or theft. infact, i've already stated theft and assault stats are higher in the uk than the usa.

but our murder rate is way below yours.

what are you trying to say? i'm just posting the facts.

The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: March 18, 2009, 05:18:08 PM »
Quote from: wheelr;2913963
Remember this source paulie provided?

not really sure about that wheelr, it looks like a microsoft screengrab from firefox...

it'd be a bit hard for me to provide that using macs and safari. but if you want to lose yet another moot point (uk crime on the decrease) go ahead, please try to prove me wrong.

statistics and surveys, pfft. why let them get in the way of good propaganda?:p

The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: March 18, 2009, 03:15:16 AM »
Quote from: Neckbeard;2913596
As a response to the statement that "every other cunt in the states has one,"  that is as much a generalization as saying that everyone in the UK has horrible teeth or something like that.  The only people on the board that have strong views about firearms are the ones that own them.  

Just because your country is different and all uptight about their crime rate, which has gone up a significant amount in the past 15 years, does not mean that it is a correct way to live or better than any other way.

Crime here isn't so bad, I would bet that I live in a safer area than you do.  I don't need a gun, I have never needed a gun, but I like to have them just in case I ever do.  I cannot carry concealed weapons in my state.  America isn't like the fucking wild west.

Security has something to do with owning a gun, but paranoia?  C'mon, maybe some people, but not most.

I don't like to argue about guns because I feel like its the same as abortion and just keeps getting thrown about.  

There is nothing wrong with guns, there is something wrong with people that use them for evil purposes, and by the way, most of those are unregistered, illegal and people with felonies already.

i'm not saying there's anything wrong with guns at all, no idea where you got that from. it's just a hobby in many respects.

if people have guns due to a fear of crime, yet have never had to use them would you not say that wasn't being paranoid? note that i'm not saying being  paranoid is a bad thing either. it can help. going by what people are saying on here, allot of criminals have guns, so if every other cunt has a gun, i'd have one. it'd be irresponsible not to!

i really, really doubt you live in a safer area than i do.... crime on my estate is pretty much zero. maybe the odd bit of graffiti or littering, but that's it. don't know where you get your stats from about crime, perhaps the daily mail? if you're really bothered - crime is down on last year.
we may have a lower murder rate than the usa, and a declining crime rate, but we have a higher theft and assualt rate. the proliferation of guns in the usa is a main factor in that, be they illegally owned or not.  

so you can't carry a firearm, my friend in washington state has a permit to do so, but doesn't see the need to. he just likes to have the option. some of your laws vary from state to state.

i've no problems with guns, i've lived in countries where the police walk around with grenade launchers and citizens drive around tooled up. as long as it's a level playing field, it's not an issue for me.

The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: March 17, 2009, 04:16:23 PM »
for the record - i've no problems with people in the states having all sorts of guns, it makes total sense to me. i've fired some and can say it's not my bag. but i'm not into watching football or driving cars either, so whatever floats your boat as far as hobbies go.
as for protection, i'd probably have a gun if i lived in the states. every other cunt has one so you may aswell make it a level playing field. of course i'm more happy to not own one, but neither do 99% of the uk.

but my honest question to all you lot is - have you ever had to shoot someone? you all bang on about how you need them, what with crime being so bad and all the outlaws being tooled up. but has anyone been in the situation where you've needed that gun?

or do you think it's more like mutually assured destruction? where no one fucks with you in case you have a gun? so you end up with a type of unspoken stand off where crime is kept low due to everyone being able to shoot each other?

or is it something else like the need for security, paranoia, whatever?

The Lounge / Post Your Guns
« on: February 26, 2009, 03:50:10 AM »
Quote from: callum;2887777
As it is Americans seem to be living in fear of getting shot, so you get a gun.

well, obviously. but banning them won't make any difference, it's a pretty lawless country in places, allot worse than the uk. plus look at the size of the place... there's plenty of nutty militia types who'd form small army's in the woods to protect their right to bear arms. if i lived in the sates i'd defo have a gun at home, in the same way i have a double lock on my front door in the uk.

Quote from: callum;2887777

I'm glad guns are illegal in the uk.

not all guns are illegal, several of my friends have shotguns and all the required permits. hell, one of my mates is a gunsmith!

Non-riding Photo/Video/Multimedia Forum / Post Your Filming Setup [V1]
« on: September 03, 2008, 07:58:48 AM »
Quote from: mikemilleruk;2623919
you know you can buy a mike that has the handle istead of using the ghetto one, right??

what do you mean? an xlr mic that attaches to the camera and has a handle attached?

Non-riding Photo/Video/Multimedia Forum / my set up
« on: September 03, 2008, 07:21:39 AM »
bored waiting for a meeting so here you go -

edit - oops, this is actually the first pic, was supposed top be the last. i wish i had this much space at my flat... this is a suite i freelance at. nothing too special - g5 quad, dual 20"s, blackmagic sdi bridge and mac mini for admin crap. the audio monitors are xlr connected, i forget the make.. it's linked to a snell wilcox/editshare/multi-cart ingest and server set up in mcr (machine room). this suit has fcs2 with photoshop middle east as i do captions and some graphics for bbc arabic.

camera is a sony pdx10 dvcam. technicly better than mini-dv, but as the ccd's are pretty small the video quality isn't that great. it's a mini version of the pd150.
i've got two lens's, one cenny 37 (some call it the baby death) and a sony 45. i try to use dvcam stock, even though you can use mini dv, which runs at a faster speed so it's less compressed. it's all lovingly stored in a lowepro mini trekker. i also have the t-1 handle.
home edit set up is pretty basic. lacie drives and edirol monitors under the desk. normally i use a macbookpro with fcs2. this is an old g4 as the macbook is being repaired. external 20" monitor, keyboard and mighty mouse.

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