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The Bike Shop / Ghetto Fab Springfield Brake Mounts.
« on: January 23, 2015, 05:28:48 PM »
I probably should have just posted this to the What Did You do to Your Bike Today thread, but I'm pretty excited and proud of this, and I don't start many threads, so fuck it.

I really like Springfield's and removable mounts because I like having brakes sometimes and not others, but the chainslap (chainstay mounts) has been more than I can tolerate.

Last week I got a round file and knocked a few mm off of the removable mounts, but that didn't quite get enough clearance.

So I found some 16mm by 10mm M6 stainless shoulder bolts on amazon for like $5 per pack of 5.

For some fucking reason, brake posts are 8.9mm by 16.5mm.  I'm guessing that works out to some common fraction, but whatever.  I still had these shoulder bolts that were too big in diameter and too long.

I thought about just drilling out the brake arm, but the oilite bushing isn't really very thick, so I chucked that shit up in my lathe and went to work with a file.

In retrospect, I should have hacked the finger manglers off of that tee bolt, but whatever.  I managed not to amputate a finger.

Its not done yet in this pic, but I got the half mm in length by filing down the head a little.

I also had to knock maybe a mm off the bottom brake arm to clear the wishbone,  but now everything clears, and I have plenty of chain clearance.

I might make some little adaptors to go between the chain stay and the brake, but right now I don't think it's necessary.  Really, I should just quit being a bitch and file the mount on the frame flat, but I'm not sure I'm that committed to this experiment.

This is not something for people who care a lot about brake feel, they are a little mushy.  However if you care about brake feel you most likely don't use Springfield's or removable mounts either.

The Bike Shop / Hoffman Bikes
« on: January 09, 2015, 12:17:26 PM »
Has anyone heard anything about Hoffman Bikes other that the Pacific Cycles tomfoolery and the samples they had at Interbike?

I get this feeling that they're done. 

If so, I suppose it's more graceful to kinda fade away (e.g., 2-Hip) than die in a public catastrafuck (e.g., Eastern).

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