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The Lounge / Re: Hey America
« on: April 08, 2016, 12:50:39 PM »
Obviously I can't Furnish you with all the details, but I gather the light in their relationship might be flickering like a Candle in the Wind. It remains to be seen if he'll be out of it like a Rocket, Man.

The Lounge / Re: hit the north
« on: March 29, 2016, 04:43:05 PM »
Man, this video had it all. I think the first video I bought was NSF2 (I posted off a cheque in exchange for the VHS) and I still love seeing stuff from that lot. Newrick especially has been great forever. Moody production, Miles Davis and a nod to Ian Nairn at the end seal the deal. That this was labelled (part one) makes it even better.

The Lounge / Re: EU Referendum
« on: February 24, 2016, 09:31:41 PM »
TTIP. Not dissimilar. The terms of the discussions are private, so nobody really knows for sure what will/won't be included, or even if it will go ahead (it probably will). I'm far from keen on the idea, but I know our shite government would sign up to it independently if we do end up leaving the EU.

The Lounge / Re: EU Referendum
« on: February 24, 2016, 07:37:59 PM »
it's a joke to pull the wool over for TPP.
racist bigot fascist nazi! how dare you?! say it again and we'll burn your property/destroy your family!

parody thread option; Muslim Brotherhood Referendum . . .

I'm sure this meant something to you when you wrote it.

The Lounge / Re: EU Referendum
« on: February 24, 2016, 07:34:13 PM »
it's a joke to pull the wool over for TPP.

Wrong side of the world.

The Lounge / Re: EU Referendum
« on: February 23, 2016, 07:02:36 PM »
It's one woman shown twice. And no.

The Lounge / Re: EU Referendum
« on: February 23, 2016, 01:33:28 PM »
If you were thinking of voting in, then maybe this amazing* campaign song from the outers will win you over.

*I was amazed. This can't be real.

The Lounge / Re: EU Referendum
« on: February 23, 2016, 04:46:57 AM »
Nobody knows. There's no plan. I can't see any way the EU would accept us leaving, drop the free movement of people and still be a trading partner. Most of the 'out' campaign are rabid xenophobes who blame immigration for society's ills and talk about the free movement of people as being one of the country's major problems. However, they won't be in charge in the case of the UK leaving the EU and there is no concrete plan of how we would realistically operate in the event of an exit. There's also nearly as many UK citizens living in other EU countries as there are other EU citizens working in the UK and nobody's even mentioned whether they'd all have to come back either.

The Lounge / Re: EU Referendum
« on: February 21, 2016, 07:37:37 AM »
In. I've yet to hear a single convincing argument for out. The Kippers will bang on about the 'loss of sovereignty' and how the the UK is more democratic, while simultaneously ignoring the fact that we have an unelected head of state and an unelected second chamber in this country anyway. There's an argument to be made that we don't enough of a say in the EU, but that's in part to do with the fact that a load of the MEPs we have are Kippers and Eurosceptic Tories who don't bother trying to advance anything. I think most people on the out side are mainly motivated by their dislike of immigration, even though there is more immigration from outside the EU than in and the modest economic growth is linked to immigration anyway (GDP has increased with no increase in GDP per capita).

There is no coherent strategy about how the UK would function after leaving that makes any sense. I've heard people advocate the 'Norway model', which is effectively being in the trading zone and accepting the same terms, yet not having any vote whatsoever within the EU as to how things are run. That's worse than we have now. The other alternative I've heard is that the EU will accept us a trading partner without needing to meet any of its regulations to do so, which is utterly deluded. The EU would not accept that because it's both a shit deal for them and also sets a precedent for other countries to do the same, which could bring about its complete dissolution.

There are arguments to be made against trading agreements like TTIP, but the biggest advocates of it within the EU are Tories and there's not a chance in hell they wouldn't sign up to it even if we leave, it would just be under less favourable conditions because we would have a much smaller bargaining position. That actually is my main motivation for voting in, truth be told. While the Tories have a majority in parliament, the EU acts as an effective dampener on their worst excesses. The EU holds its members to far higher standards of employment rights and environmental practices than the Tories ever would. Cameron's recent negotiations were presented in the press mainly about the 'emergency brake' bullshit on in-work benefits (which doesn't make sense and won't work), but very little was written about the arrangements that would mean the UK wouldn't be included in a Europe-wide system of banking regulations. That's the only argument you know the Tories give a fuck about.

The only reason I would vote out would just be to utterly shaft Cameron and while that's very inviting, it's not a good enough reason. For purely selfish reasons I'm also against an exit. I'm leaving the country next year and it would fuck up my plans a little bit, as me and my girlfriend would have to get married first and I'm not a big fan of weddings.

The Bike Shop / Re: help I.D.'ing some mid-school 4-piece bars....
« on: February 19, 2016, 07:48:25 PM »

The Lounge / Re: New Random Thoughts Thread
« on: February 16, 2016, 09:55:27 PM »
I don't get why British people use zed. It don't sound right at all.

Neither does 'zee' though. The pronunciation of letters doesn't particularly matter, as there's no real relation to their actual sounds when used in words. The advantage I can see with using 'zed' is that the letters c and z can't be confused when spelling something aloud. 'See'(c) and 'zee'(z) are almost completely indistinguishable when I say them, but I'm not sure how much that has to do with my accent/voice. Is that the case in most American accents as well?

Using 'zer' instead of either would make a lot more sense.

The Lounge / Re: currently salmon is worth more than crude oil
« on: January 26, 2016, 02:26:58 PM »

Kinchy, how isn't this obvious to you? It's obviously a plot. Global warming is just a MYTH, that is peddled to you morons who don't pay attention to what's really going on. Ash-ridden air so thick you can barely breathe or see six inches in front of you has no impact on anything whatsoever, except they make the chemtrails visible if you're not a sheeple and have the Smoggles they sell in the survivalist shop that is run by that guy who's definitely not a deranged neo-Nazi. Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been planning this all along. Didn't you see him at COP21? They don't even pretend that they're not trying to act like the world police and tell me whether or not combusting a carbon-based finite resource to my heart's content is clever or not when there are multiple alternatives available. The Czech Republic were there. Bit funny, no? Seeing as they've started injecting methane gas into kittens just because the communists are rebuilding in Austria and they signed a deal that means salmon imported from Indonesia must travel through ISIS territory:

So you go ahead and recycle your plastic bottles because the GOVERNMENT want you to and I'll just sit here burning wood for the sake of it and trawling Twitter for pictures of a truck in Benghazi that has a logo on it that's a bit similar to one a gas company used to have. Don't come running to me when Hillary Clinton bombs Fiji again and you have to survive on "fluoride" water the CIA invented when they were trying to bring Ronald Reagan back to life because he had the keys to Saddam's launch codes for the weapons that Palestine have hidden in the oil wells at the Bush Ranch.

The Lounge / Re: New Random Thoughts Thread
« on: December 07, 2015, 01:56:56 AM »
I'm positive you can pull up an equal amount of shit for instances of either on the googler. For example, when there was a black young man walking through a neighborhood where a neighborhood watch, who didn't live there, was armed and thankfully was able to dispose him after engaging in a fight he was losing.

Then there is the issue of people having a public gunfight.

Are you talking about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman? Where the latter was charged with second degree murder for shooting an unarmed teenager? And your view is "thankfully was able to dispose him"? "Dispose"? He wasn't litter. I wouldn't say vigilante gun nuts who get done for murder are the best defence of America's gun laws.

The Lounge / Re: Paris
« on: November 25, 2015, 08:23:55 PM »
I'm not sure he has any distinct points. Nearly every post he makes is essentially just a cacophony of white noise, built on vague speculation that links a series of seemingly unrelated topics.

I just imagine him sat in a cave watching twenty different screens fill with streams of RSS feeds from every madcap blog in the world, the perceived veracity of their contents deduced using a bewildering algorithm he's smeared on the walls in his own earwax.

The Lounge / Re: New Random Thoughts Thread
« on: May 27, 2015, 07:45:15 AM »
To play the devils advocate regarding your idea of 'strata thought', if you start from the position of the Sophalist, who believes only his mind exists, these things which cannot be conjured up by your own mind must point to another being rather than disproving it.

You've either just rephrased my point, or  I don't understand what you're getting at here. The pointing to another being is the collapse of the solipsistic position. I'm no expert on philosophy, but I wouldn't consider Descartes to be working within the same frame as the solipsist, even if there are parallels in some of their conclusions. Descartes was working on the basis that there is a truth to an external reality, and how exactly one would go about proving it. The solipsist jumps on that train of thought and slams the brakes on.

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