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Thanks for your reply George :)

Just want to clarify that i was in no way talking about the performance of the Ody/Gsport products, i have yet to buy one.

Also i keep in mind that a isolated bad experience with any manufacturer should not mean a concept must be questioned.
I have actually had a Salt hub that worked beautifully, 3 pawled. Think it might even have been joytech.

I can be a bit of an ass, questioning authority, but it can only help me reach a better understanding.

Thought about it a bit more, i guess skipping could also have something to do with bigger and smaller ratchet rings, as well as with the depth and width of the teeth individually.
Or spring tension and teeth wear. Last two i happen to know weren't the root causes of skipping in my previous hub though.

And there will likely be other factors, as well.

Can't blame me for trying to make sense out of it though. :)

On a bright note, if i'm ever getting my bike ridable again, my rims are going to be laced to an Antigram, or a Simian, haven't heard a single bad thing about the first.

I know you guys know your shit, more than any other company out there atm.

fwiw i've had the same experience as thomas with my bsd which has 3 pawls. When I turn the driver very slowly, you can feel/hear two clicks, the first one loud and the second one very quietly with just the tiniest bit of movement from the first click. I never had any issues with my primo mix which has 4 pawls

Just so happens that i have a friend with a BSD hub that i noticed skipped just like mine did.
Looked up the internals, same internals.
The BSD hubs essentially identical to the Kink Incite.

wide pawls shallow teeth, small hub profile (thus small ratchet ring OD) might be the problem, idk. They just don't seem to be doing very well.

After what G said, i just don't feel good blaming that little extra click with making those 3 pawl hubs skip and pop.
It makes some 3 pawl hubs skip and pop but others seem to perform great.

Still curious why that might be.

3 dumbass

Why dumbass?

4 pawl hubs are the only ones that never skipped on me.

I know G has reasons for 3 pawls but imho it would work great in a perfect world.

It would work flawlessly if the 3 teeth would be perfectly spaced out inbetween with a perfectly matched ratchet ring.
In my experience, 3 pawl hubs generally have 2 pawls engaging at once, then one is the tiniest bit later.
Which results in lots of confidence-dropping skips/clunks coming from the driver.

I hate that shit, and frankly if my next hub does that as well, i might just give up buying parts anymore.

lol, technical understanding 0. can you even count on one hand?

Can you guys do anything other than writing condescending remarks?

If you fail to understand what i wrote up, that's one thing. Might be a language barrier.

But please, enlighten me with your obviously better informed brain.

I feel that 2 points are easier to line up than 3 points. If you have any arguments otherwise i'd like to know.

G's motivation was (iirc) that 3 pawls distribute the forces more equal so the inner driver bearings don't take that much of a beating.
And 3 pawls taking the load is better than 2 pawls taking the load.
Can't really argue that.

But when it comes down to performance, in my experience, when you turn a driver ever so slightly, 3 pawled drivers really seem to have timing problems. Hearing 2 clicks instead of 1 click means 2 pawls engaged before the other or vice versa. Without any other suspect, i can only conclude the skipping must have been the consequence of that.

I know this is essentially a pointless discussion. But nevertheless i'd like to hear more arguments than just me being a dumbass or having no technical understanding. I mean, you guys sound like little kids acting like that.

The Bike Shop / Re: finally new powerbites.
« on: November 26, 2014, 07:12:03 PM »
Yeah i could send you a mailorder link but i don't think you're down with eu shops.

Good tire though, treated me well :)

3 dumbass

Why dumbass?

4 pawl hubs are the only ones that never skipped on me.

I know G has reasons for 3 pawls but imho it would work great in a perfect world.

It would work flawlessly if the 3 teeth would be perfectly spaced out inbetween with a perfectly matched ratchet ring.
In my experience, 3 pawl hubs generally have 2 pawls engaging at once, then one is the tiniest bit later.
Which results in lots of confidence-dropping skips/clunks coming from the driver.

I hate that shit, and frankly if my next hub does that as well, i might just give up buying parts anymore.

The Lounge / Re: Louisiana
« on: November 26, 2014, 06:52:54 PM »

If you see the video, there isn't threats or violence. Dude rushes out. I don't consider that violent. Assholieness? Absolutely. Name someone on here that isn't one though.

Watch the video, dude. The guy snatches the cigars from over the counter, the employee comes around the counter to try to stop him from leaving and then the suspect grabs the clerk by the collar and shoves him away. Before he leaves, he doubles back towards the clerk presumably saying something that of a threat as he puffs his chest out like a tough guy..

Gotta say i'm a hundred percent with Alex here. Can't find any reason to defend the guy the way he looked like he was acting. Don't know what he was saying but i would've called the cops. And if he acted in any similar way to the cops, it wouldn't suprise me he got shot.

Shoot for the legs? LMFAO. When you have someone that you're trying to kill (pretty much the only reason you'd draw a lethal weapon is to kill someone)

So in your logic, if a cop pulls a lethal weapon, it should exclusively be used in a lethal manner?
That's crazy talk.
People pull weapons all the time. Not a 100% is to kill. I think there is a fair share just to intimidate.
That could have been enough, shooting in the air could also have provoked a second thought.

the amount of adrenaline pumping through you isn't going to let you focus in on someone's legs. You're aiming for the biggest part of their body, AKA Center of Mass, and you're going to keep unloading until they stop in their tracks.

Sounds like proper gun law indoctrination. Surely if someone pulls a gun on you, you shoot to kill.
If you are trained, and screened, you should be one of the guys that can stay cool and pick a aim. Or are cops in europe just superhuman?

But if the guy is unarmed, and you don't have any indication he's armed, i can't see how just injuring him wouldn't be enough.
And if you do, you don't let him lay there bleeding to death for a couple hours.

Also, comparing any countries violent crimes (Developing nations aside) to the USA's, you're comparing apples and towels.

I know, america is a lot bigger, probably by a factor 20 as far as population goes. Also the gun laws don't help because if people 'might' be armed, more people 'might' get shot with no reason.

BUT i'm in holland and even i got the message of multiple black americans being killed by police just before/after mr Brown, saw some videos on liveleak, and shit just doesn't seem right. If you ask me, -some/most- american cops look too eager to pull the trigger. And sadly it looks like whites are being shot less. Why? That's a good question. Let statistics speak on that one.

Realistically, in the escalation of force, killing someone is the very last option and should ideally only be used to protect yourself or others in the case of grievous harm or death.

Again, I don't know the details, and it wouldn't entirely surprise me that the officer did use excessive force. However, if he genuinely believed he had no other option, then that's fine that he went that route, but there should be a thorough investigation carried out by Internal Affairs and if it's found he stepped out of bounds, take him to trial, if not, then the proper authorities found that he carried out his duties properly.


nearly pooped my pants.

spill the beans, G!

I know i'm probably miles off, but 4 pawls by any chance?

The Bike Shop / Re: I'm so bliiiiiiiind
« on: November 25, 2014, 10:00:46 PM »
Here's some pictures from Kurts coverage of Interbike this year.

Looks like the set screws on the pawl ramp piece tighten down on the bushing giving it some friction on the axle.  The pawls look like they get restricted down into the hub with a traditional pawl clip.

As long as there's more friction there at the "ramps" than the clip puts on the pawls, then everything will function fine.

The pawl ramps look like they function identical to the way the Eastern/Ezra hub works, in that as the pawls move forward they slide up on ramps on a washer next to them pushing them up to engage the ratchet ring. 

The big difference between this and the Eastern, though is that the Blind has a totally different ratchet ring that has it's teeth spaced out a lot more to allow more slack at times.  Makes me wonder though, if the slack stays consistent all the time?


I am going to have to look it up but it looks like a couple concepts that Sturmey Archer incorporated in their internal gear hubs- but then german-ed up a bit. I have exploded view sheets, problem is; it's going to be one of the dozens of different designs of the last 20/30 years.

Give me a day, i'll get back on this.

Mainwhile i have to agree that the high speed engaging might result in stressed parts but the lesser engagement points should help the case. Nobody really goes backwards upwards of what? 20mph? tops

If the engagement is click-on and click-off, i think the high speed engagement issue might not pose a problem at all.

With KHE i think the problem was moving your cranks while fakieing, and then suddenly engaging.
If the Blind works the way i think it does, the above might be a bit less/eliminated.

I'm stupid though.

The Bike Shop / Re: Frame History?
« on: November 25, 2014, 09:23:37 PM »
first bike; GT zone 02'
Wethepeople 4-seasons 03'
Fit Edwin S1
Wethepeople Omen
Wethepeople Omen that missed a gusset and had 2 cable guides, instead of a cable guide and a cable stop.
Wethepeople Ovoid
Wethepeople Ovoid
Wethepeople Frenzy that i had for 2 months
Mankind forgot which
Fit Eddie Cleveland
Kink Tocco
Fly Pantera
Subrosa whatever frame that got welded
Subrosa whatever (i think Silva) that has been welded

I've had 2 other subrosa frames pass my hands and with both i found cracks on the DT gusset, where the subrosa badge is stamped. Start cracking down the top edge of the badge. Why the hell stamp it anyway? Why not change it after testing, or the next year?

Stupid eastern-esque fucks, risking our safety for monetary gain.

The Bike Shop / Re: finally new powerbites.
« on: November 25, 2014, 09:14:38 PM »
like, ages ago duuude.

ran one and retired it after a good year of use!

6, you forgot the sprocket bolt.

This whole thread is full of stupid.

this still makes me chuckle.

The Lounge / Re: Louisiana
« on: November 25, 2014, 08:50:56 PM »
There was a chain of events leading up to the shooting. I'm not saying a petty thief deserves to be shot, but in this situation his actions got himself killed.

Body cameras would be a good thing.  I know some cities have them.

saw this on CNN.

They pretty much gave the officer's description of the last moments, and if true, the victim really provoked the actions taken by the cop.
They also talked about the body cam that sounds like a sort of good idea.

I think it's weird that cops here (holland) are trained to shoot for the legs first. Can't find statistics but if 2 people were killed by our police last year, that would probably be a high average. And they would have been warranted.

In contrast i continuously hear about people killed by officers in the states.

Loading off 12 bullets like in Brown's case is in no way necessary.
really curious as to how officers would justify that.

This case might not be the best case to defend, but the history of minority suppression in the US is huge.

Rodney King imho was the case that should have solved shit.
Guess the authorities get in the way of that, so it's great that everyone is on the streets now.

Guys like Mandela/MLK would be proud.

The Bike Shop / Re: Favorite Riding Shoe
« on: November 16, 2014, 09:14:00 PM »
My old ass Nike 6.0 Air Insurgents were the best.

Majority of the shoes i've ridden the past 5 years were Nikes tbh.

And a pair of Orchids that weren't bad at all, iirc. I never remember shoes.

The Bike Shop / Re: I'm so bliiiiiiiind
« on: November 16, 2014, 09:04:50 PM »
Any internals yet?

Thought themerged would be disecting that thing by now lol

The Lounge / Re: This Year
« on: November 16, 2014, 09:00:45 PM »
i thought this was going to be some kind of new years resolutions thread.

thoroughly mistaken.

The Lounge / Re: Age?
« on: November 16, 2014, 08:59:22 PM »

The Bike Shop / Re: Antigram driver wobble
« on: November 16, 2014, 08:52:10 PM »
might it be the c-clip problem that the ratchets had?

G didn't solve it but he switched the c-clip to the outside so you can pop it right back in.

even though i don't own nor ever owned a ratchet or a antigram (yet)

If it is, a nice tip is if you look closely at the c-clip, it's pressed out of plate material, so it has a 'smooth/rounded' side, and a flat/edged side. You want the edged/flat part to point away from the bearings, so it can't slip out because of the rounded edges.

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