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Bike Gallery / I'm Back Baby!
« on: December 13, 2014, 01:27:31 PM »
I sold my last bike 7 years ago because I never rode it and needed money. Never got a chance to get back into it until now. So pumped to ride it. Shout out to RAD who hooked me up with most of the parts from here, great guy to deal with.

T1 SFA 20.75
Odyssey CS2 Race Forks
Mutiny Glam Bars with ODI Longnecks and Odyssey Par Ends
Standard Byke Overload stem with custom Zodiac compression bolt
Profile GDH cranks 175mm chrome with Ti sprocket bolt
Tree Lite 28T
Fly Ruben PC pedals
Spanish bearings with Profile Cone Washers
Shadow Solus mid seat/post combo
Odyssey Aaron Ross Tires 2.10
Odyssey A+ Front Wheel
Joytech cassette hub, 9T driver, Supra J 48h Rear Wheel - Temporary

22.78lbs as is

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