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The Bike Shop / Fit S3 Rawing / Painting advice
« on: January 03, 2015, 08:07:31 AM »
After too lang a period of neglect I finally took it upon myself to restore the bike to ride-able conditions. Living close to the sea in a humid climate and cycling my bike everywhere through snow and road salt you can guess what happens.

The frame was raw with a matte finish originally. The finish can be peeled off like one would with a hard boiled egg most of the places, especially those where rust has crept underneath. Especially the dropouts, the bridges, bb area and downtube gusset are heavily corroded.

My initial idea was to peel the paint and sand off the rust. Then primer (rust-stopping primer?), color of choice and transparent finish. I'm just a bit worried about specks of rust remaining underneath and me having to repeat the whole process in due while.

So, I guess my question would be: What would you do? In as far as you could possibly say judging by these pictures.

Site Help and Rules /
« on: September 30, 2008, 07:15:46 AM »
This popped up when I tried to visit the automative hotness v3.0 thread in the lounge. (first quote is same as second, just left it for the language geeks amongst you ;) )

Waarschuwing: het bezoeken van deze site kan uw computer beschadigen. De website op bevat elementen van de site, die malware lijkt te hosten. Dat is software die uw computer kan beschadigen of zonder uw medeweten acties kan uitvoeren. Als u een site die malware bevat alleen al bezoekt, kan uw computer worden ge´nfecteerd.
Ga voor meer informatie over de problemen met deze elementen naar de Diagnosepagina voor Safe Browsing van Google voor
Meer informatie over hoe u uzelf online kunt beschermen tegen schadelijke software.

Warning: visiting this website can harm your computer. The website contains elements of the site, which seems to be hosting malware. Malware is software that can harm your computer or, without you knowing, execute several actions. Even if you only visit a site containing malware, you computer might get infected. For more info about problems with these elements visit the Diagnosis Page for Safe Browsing from Google for

Personally I would like it better than the current 'Riding photos and videos'-forum. Guess there would be enough content to make them both existence-worthy.

Nowadays, I am mainly holding my pointer on the threads title, till the yellow 'alt-square' shows up telling me the content of the first post before I click it. I am far more interested in riding photos personally.

Curious what others think about this.

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