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Bike Gallery / 2014 FBM Angel of Death
« on: February 15, 2015, 10:53:21 AM »
After recently getting back into riding, I built up a new bike. It's actually my 3rd Fbm. I had the original AOD back in 2004, and after that I had a Capone. I'm loving this thing. Frame is super stiff, overall build is nice and light. Glad fbm is still making awesome stuff.

frame is a 21" AOD with welded brake mounts

Fork, stem, and seat post are fbm

Hoder high bars

Profile hubs and cranks

Gsport rims

Fit tires

Odyssey brakes

The Bike Shop / best brakes around these days?
« on: November 16, 2014, 06:40:56 PM »
So, after a 3 year hiatus from BMX, I'm back riding and I love it. I'm building up a new bike, and one thing is for sure: it needs to have brakes. As much as I like the way brakeless bikes feel, it's all fun and games for me until I have to go down a hill, or slow down at a skatepark, or feel lazy on a manual, etc.

I remember a few years back Fly brakes were pretty much the best around (or at least my personal favorite). From what I can tell now, they still make a brake, but it lacks the cool machining that I liked on the old ones which makes me want it a little less. My questions for you guys are what brakes do you all run, any new brakes worth checking out (those new Shadow Drew Bezanson ones look cool), any brakes to stay away from?

Also, for what it's worth, they'll be mounted on welded 990 mounts on the seat stays, and they'll be grabbing a black hard anodize Odsy 7ka rim. Any feedback is appreciated.

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