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It pains me to write this thread...Been away from the scene proper long, I pretty much quit riding 4 years ago. Iíve ridden my bike twice in the last 2 years. So now I think I might be time to part with my bike.

I have no idea what second hand parts  are worth these days. What is the following spec worth as say a complete custom? Or as separate parts alone?

Obviously the bike is worth a lot to me sentimentally, but in real life what it is worth to me and to a  buyer are two different things.

Spec and bike gallery,202983.msg3398027.html#msg3398027

So what's it worth as a complete? i was thinking at leats £500-£600.

How much would the bike parts sell for? I am guessing half original price maybe ( am i being optimistic???)

Thanks in advance. 

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