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Bike Gallery / OG Fly
« on: June 16, 2020, 06:52:57 PM »
I used to be on this forum years ago. Recently put my old bike back together and started riding with my kid.

Frame: Fly Pantera
Fork: Fly Pantera
Handlebars: Fly Pantera
Grips:  Fly
Stem: Fly
Headset: Fly
Cranks: Fly
Pedals: Fly
Chain: 510
Sprocket: Tree 28T
Front Hub: G-Sport
Front Rim: Fly Rear
Front Tire: Fly Ruben
Rear hub: G-Sport Ratchet, 10T
Rear Rim: Fly Rear
Rear Tire:  Fly Ruben
Seat: Fly Zusko
Seatpost: Fly Rail
Brakes: Fly
Pegs:  Fly front, Odyssey JPEG rear

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