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Sell and Swap / WTB Macneil Ruben frame
« on: August 03, 2017, 02:20:44 PM »
Blue brothers. 

I need a Macneil Ruben frame.  Looking for anything, but the cleaner the frame the better.  Original paint and stickers would be an added bonus that I would pay extra for.

Hit me up via email because I don't lurk the deep blue as much as I used to.  bobbyridesbikes at gmail

« on: September 30, 2015, 07:59:08 AM »
Anybody going to Warrens, WI for the Baco Jam this weekend?  A bunch of front brake dudes are going to be there for the front brake brethren jam, really looking forward to that.  But I'm mostly looking forward to the party.

Sell and Swap / Proto Tree Frame Lil Buddy frame.
« on: September 30, 2015, 07:55:47 AM »
This bitch needs gone!!!  I bought this direct from Tree when they were trying a bunch of different frame designs before the final Lil Buddy went into production.  I've listed it for sale before but now it is priced to GTFO ASAP you MFs.  Please feel free to ask any/all questions you want (hopefully they relate to the sale of the frame). 

Notes on the frame:
This one has a Spanish BB
75 deg HT
13.75" rear end (center of drop)
Integrated chain tensioners
Dual cable routing system designed for riding a gyro.

$150 plus $15 shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 USA!!  Frame will come with the brake cables installed in the frame, ready to hook up.  FRAME WILL NOT COME WITH REAR BRAKE OR BOTTOM BRACKET.  Please make paypal payments to:  For faster responses to questions feel free to use the same email.  Also, for whatever reason I ALWAYS seem to miss PMs on this site.  I'm going to do my best to check, but better to either post a comment or send me an email with a question. 

Sell and Swap / Proto Tree Frame/ T1 Progression.
« on: May 13, 2015, 11:58:06 PM »
Figured I'd throw these up on here as well.  They are currently up for grabs on The Museum as well.

If anybody is interested please send me an email.  bobbyridesbikes at

Tree Lil Buddy Prototype frame.  I bought this directly from the guys at Tree when they had their first sample batch of frames made.  This specific frame features a 75 degree head tube, Spanish BB, custom dual cable routing (that worked sooooooo good) and does not feature the flared BB - none of which were features that made it to the production model.  This frame is very rare and 1 of 2 that I know of to be made with the dual cable routing system.  The other is still being ridden by Andy Chapman who worked/rode for Tree at the time these were made. 

The good = Overall the frame is in great shape.  Both integrated chain tensioners are still included with the frame.  This frame was fully post weld heat treated, something that was a new feature on frames at the time.  It has an awesome ECD sticker on the top tube.  Gyro tabs, cable housing and brake cables included with frame.
The bad = A little bit of chain rash on the right chain stay and some scratches on the top tube near the head tube and a few other minor scuffs/scratches.
The ugly = Ol Girl does have one dent on the bottom of the left chain stay from a feeble that went wrong. 



Terrible One Progression.  Version 1, made by Spooky Cycles.  I acquired this frame with the intentions of trying to restore it but I recently found a V1 Prog in a lot better shape.  So now it is time for this one to move along. 

The Good:  It is a Terrible One Progression frame that is still alive on this earth.  It was made at Spooky Cycles (Aka Big Dave/Pedal Driven), hell that should count for double good if you ask me.  Frame lived it's entire life in Austin, TX until relocating to Iowa with me so no rust. 
The Bad: A few dings/dents here and there.  A "Custom dimple" was made to accept a bigger gear.  And there is probably 3" of green spray paint on this thing...:lol::lol::lol:
The Ugly:  Dropouts have been milled out to 14mm.  They ain't pretty.  There is some chain rub on the inside of the right seat stay, presumably from running a fat chain. 
I also have a few OG Progression decals if the buyer is interested.

Bonus Items:

Colony Fully CNC'ed machined brake levers.  Super light weight, super stiff. 
$25 each or $50 for the set.

The Bike Shop / BURLY JAM JUNE 13TH
« on: April 27, 2015, 10:53:37 AM »
I'm throwing a jam at my local park this summer.  If anybody lives in the heartland you should try to come check it out.  This is not a contest, although we will have a few "organized" mini events through out the day.  Trying to keep the event as polar opposite to an organized contest as I can.  No timed runs, no judges, no prize money.... none of that stuff.  The Burly Jam is going to be focused a lot more on the community aspect of BMX where everyone just has a good time enjoying some on and off the bike activities for a day. 

Random shit that may or may not be going down include:

High air on the 9' quarter
King of the Box Jump
BMX Drag Racing
30 and over jam session, first rider to break a hip wins.
Front Brake Brethren Invitational
We will also be having a BMX swap meet as well as a midschool bike show. 

There will also be some sort of organized after party.  My town in Iowa is on the border with Illinois.  After our bars close at 2:00AM in Iowa, everyone goes across the river to Illinois where there is a bar that stays open until 5:00AM.  So, basically, you can come for the riding or come for the party.  I can guarantee both will be equally entertaining.

Here is a picture of the park:

« on: March 17, 2015, 04:47:42 AM »
A dude by the name of Mike Henri from Leander TX (ATX area), aka Robinson79, aka CASH BMX, has been taking over the for sale sections on various forums.  The dude is pretty shady.  He will act like your best friend but only to get what he wants.  I've noticed a few newer usernames on this site and just wanted to make sure to pass along my experience. 

Some of his acts of shadiness include:

Selling someone a wheel set with missing pieces from the driver.  Recipient of said wheel set needed to buy a $65 driver to fix the issue. 

On BMX Museum there was a WTB thread started looking for "old T1 frames to hook neighborhood kids up with".  I think everybody has probably noticed the crazy prices that some older T1 frames are asking.  Nobody is trying to hook up a neighborhood kid with a frame that is highly sought after by hardcore T1 collectors.  They are trying to find cheap ones to flip to said T1 collectors.  Is flipping shit lame?  Well, that is debatable (but my personal opinion is yes).  But is lying about why you are after the frame, and using "neighborhood kids" to help your lie...... now that is just down right despicable.   

Could it get worse?  Oh yea, it can.  One of my old buddies from Full Factory had some shit go down with his cat.  Long story short, he started a gofundme account to help raise some cash to pay the vet bill.  At the time, Mike Henri had an IG account that he reposted all of my buddy's posts regarding his cat.  Mike Henri went further as to contact my friend at Full Factory.  He told him that if Full Factory would hype up "Cash BMX" on Full Factory's IG account that Mike would donate a complete Orange Soda Funday to a winner of my buddy's choice.  The goal was met, a winner was picked for the bike to be sent to.  Then both my friend Will (the guy who does the Freestyle Fridays on FF's IG) and the kid who won the bike both tried to contact Mike Henri through his IG account.  No messages were returned, no bike was ever sent.  The kid was super bummed, as he should be.  What happened to Mike Henri's instagram account that was suddenly deleted after this whole ordeal went down?!?!?!   Coincidental. 

The moral of the story, you can buy and sell to whoever you want to on the internet.  I just want to make sure that people are knowing exactly WHO they are selling to, sometimes.  Because, unfortunately, not everybody is honest with their intentions. 

Ramp on, my blue brothers.  Ramp on. 


Sell and Swap / Looking for Albion #11 and #13
« on: February 10, 2015, 08:27:31 PM »

Dear friends and family, my collection is almost complete.  Can anyone help me find issues #11 and #13, preferably in mint condition?

(PS- I know I am missing a spot for issue #16.  I have it in a box with a few other mags right now.)

I have a few extras I would be willing to trade or sell. 

I have 3 issue #9, two still sealed in the bag.  2 of issue #10, one glossy finish and one matte finish.  And I have 1 issue #8.

Asking $15 per issue.  Price includes shipping to lower 48 USA.  International buyers can email me, I never seem to catch PM's around here.  bobbyridesbikes at gmail dot com. 

Bike Gallery / CCREPSOL
« on: January 22, 2015, 04:35:19 PM »
My current roasting rig:

CCR frame. 21.5" top tube, 14.5" rear end.  It ramps like a god damn beast master.  Maiden voyage was at Ray's CLE last weekend.  There was A SHIT TON of people there.  Pretty good times.  My buddy snapped a few pictures of me at the end of the night.

Color scheme is a shout out to Marquez's black Repsol

The Bike Shop / Mid school "collecting"
« on: October 08, 2014, 11:27:06 AM »
I think it is safe to say that if you frequent the Blue you are a devout BMX nerd.  I know that some members on here currently "collect" old and midschool BMX bikes.  Not trying to turn Blue into TheMuseum or anything...  just curious how many people on here "collect" stuff from the mid school era of riding.  I guess mid school is a subjective term, but to me it would be around 1995/96-2003/04.  Basically to me, right when bikes started going to 1 1/8" threadless head tubes up to the point where everything started hitting the light weight phase. 

Do you collect stuff?  What do you collect?  I know some guys only try to collect actual compete bicycles while other guys like to collect a specific part from multiple brands.  One of my buddies is a big sprocket guy and I know of another guy who has a shit ton of bars. 

Just wanted to start a conversation on this to see other people's thoughts.  I myself wouldn't really consider myself a "collector" but when I think of all the random shit I have I guess I could totally get pegged as one.  I guess I would rather be called a collector than a hoarder...haha.  I have started to notice a few of my friends starting to get into building up old bikes from their youth the past few months.  We are all in our early 30's, which seems to be a point in life where people get nostalgic about things from their youth. 

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