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Sell and Swap / BOX OF HUBS & MISC
« on: March 09, 2018, 09:37:16 AM »
Hey guys, I have 4 hubs and hubguards Id like to get rid off, i have no need for them and figured someone might want them. Im asking $150 OBO for all of them,shipped. Please see details below.

For some reason this ancient forum wont allow me to add pictures because the files are too big and wont let me post zip files either(someone advise). if you want picture dont hesitate to text me 516-4five8-440two

-Shadow BTR lhd cassette (needs new axle(shadow sells them for 25$ off their site))

-Cinema front hub BRAND NEW

-Madera front hub (comes with hex axle nuts and 2 hubguards)

-Madera lhd cassette

-3 Gsport hubguards, 1 animal hubguard, 1 profile guard.

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