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BMX video part identification help - Neil Diamond edition


Afternoon folks, long time no BG.

There was a bmx video/dvd many moons ago, and someone had a part to Neil Diamond - Girl You'll be A Woman Soon, but I have no idea who or what it was and I'm hoping one of you smart folks might know? It was definitely a full video, as me and a pal can remember skipping it as we didn't like the song - because we skipped it we can't remember who it was.

Thanks boys

I seriously just watched it the other day and can't remember what video it was. But I thought it was the Urge Overkill cover of the song not the Neil Diamond version. Also I could be crazy and oh just made this all up in my head.

Professor Horatio Hufnagel:
G'day Mr Baker

After a bit of time and a fair few search terms on Google I found about a dozen parts with Neil Diamond (everyone seems to love Sweet Caroline), but none that use that song :< Hopefully someone has a good memory

All I could find was Neil Diamond in Standpoint's Left Right, but not the same song. Good luck.


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