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Several bikes - Flatland, Trails, Cruiser, 26er,& 29er big BMX - Update Prices

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So, I'm selling off several of my bikes since I don't have too much time to ride anymore and whenever I do, I just find myself riding my Liquid 24 cause it's just too damn much fun.  There's no more use of them sitting around in my workshop shed collecting dust and spider webs and I'd rather some other people have some fun on them.  Some of these bikes are hardly ridden.  Feel free to PM here, or email me at bunkytt(at)gmail with any questions or for additional pictures. 

S&M Intraket, Intraket bars, elementary stem, Hoffman 990 fork, Geisha light wheelset, Primo hollowbites with Ti spindle -- SOLD

Mutiny Animist 21.5, Rawed Odyssey race fork cs2, FBM Bottleneck, T1 8.85 bars, Fit ECCD Kevlar seat, Thompson post, Mosh seatpost clamp, SUPER beat up Eclat 22mm cranks, T1 28tooth spocket, Fit sealed pedals, Profile mini to Aliennation rim, Profile freecoaster (have the pieces to turn into cassette) laced to rhyno light, Ruben light 2.25 tires -- $650

S&M 22 holmes with 22tt, Pitchfork xlt fork, Credence Turtleneck, S&M Fathead bars, Fit ECCD Kevlar seat, fit railed post, Odyssey cranks, currently a MDS sprocket, but will probably switch it out for a 7075 simple sprocket since that seems more fitting, trail mix pedals, Profile mini front wheel to revenge rim, Eclat coaster (ezra style that can be switched to cassette) laced to revenge rim, Inova tires (not pictured)  --  SOLD

Fit CR24 complete frame and fork, Animal Jumpoff stem, Fit Mac bars, Tech 77 lever, Demolition leather railed seat, fit railed post, Solid Hella Light 22mm cranks, Animal sprocket, Fit sealed pedals (not currently pictured but will put on), Odyssey Vandero 24 complete wheel up front,  Demolition prototype coaster rear (Ezra style that can be switched to cassette) laced to dk race 24 rim, Tioga fs100 tires  --  $600

Bombtrack Dash complete bike, Switched out the fixed gear rear hub to a coaster brake which is stupidly fun, switched sprocket to a tree splined steel sprocket to match the 12tooth coaster brake rear cog, switched the stem to a Fit highrise, Odyssey fork compression bolt, Odyssey headset cap, Odyssey nightwolf seat - Will include original fixed gear hub, stem, and sprocket along with this so that it's all of the original complete parts except for the seat -- Sold - I shipped this thing over from Europe and don't know how many of them are in the USA

Custom Marino 29er big BMX frame - This thing is a fun bike and I can actually bunnyhop it about 14+ inches off the ground - Old school GT stem, currently has some Sunday 24umph bars, but I think it would be better suited with some taller old mongoose bars that I have, Shimano DX brakes, not pictured is the DX lever I have to go with it, RNS fork,  vandero front hub laced to rhyno light, geisha rear hub to rhyno light, premium splined profile knock off cranks, 22 spline drive Tree light sprocket, GT dropnose seat --  $500

Do you have any 990 mount forks you would sell kinda cheap?

Actually I've got some rawed/polished Primo strands that have a bit of rust on them I'd probably let go cheap.

whats the top tube and rise of the bars on the intrikat?

I'm looking for a set of s&m or fit forks, prefer non-tapered, but newish w/ laser cut 3/8 drops. Not looking for mid-school 3lb pitchforks. Have anything?? They can need paint too---


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