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DR. BG plz help

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Got drunk one night years ago and long story short cracked my head off the ground and got knocked silly for a bit. To be fair, I don't know if I was concussed or not but I've had 5 concussions in the past, prior to this little stunt. Ever since then (almost 3 years ago now), nothing tastes or smells the same. Cola tastes like acid and cleaning products smell like burning.

Been hoping things would go back to normal at some point but I think I've officially given up hope at this point. DR. BG help, I don't have health insurance anymore.

Professor Horatio Hufnagel:
Something like that is not really something you want to entrust to intarknits, even if it is people you have a fair idea of. Probably a leison on your brain which Dr BG isn't going to be able to halp you with

Not what you want, but alas

Prodigal Son:
When I had a serious brain injury 5 years ago I noticed the same thing. All the food I was eating was bland. Sometime later after examining CT scans we found my olfactory nerves had severed from the olfactory bulb. There is this "mesh" these nerves grow through. It sort of acts as a knife when you brain bobbles around inside your skull and they are cut. If this mesh isn't fucked up, you're lucky. The olfactory nerves are one (if only) regenerative neuron. They can grow back through there.

Do some reading on anosmia.

Professor Horatio Hufnagel:
Get bluemeate to perform surgery

Prodigal Son:
Speaking of surgery. I blew out my knee this month. Had an MRI on Saturday and found out my acl was ruptured. I have surgery on the 11th.

I know there's lots of dudes who ride after acl surgery. Fuck though! I want to do more than bmx for the rest of my life.


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